Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

I am so, so, so very sick. Apparently my body just hates me.

But, I had to return to the land of the living today since the stack of work on my desk is taller than a second grader, so here I am.

To make myself feel a little better, I am linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for "Oh How Pinteresting".

While I was home trying to recover from this vicious sub-acute thyroiditis crap I began making my packing list for European trip... okay I may have already made one, and this was just a more organized version (ya'll know me and my OCD-ness).

In doing so, I realized I have a hard time remembering what kind of jewelry I own because it is ALL OVER the place in my house.

I feel like I would wear my ALL jewelry more (instead of the same pieces over and over again) if I could actually SEE it all in one location. So, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration.

love the idea of using burlap canvases to display jewelry, especially since it will be only two holes in the wall holding up each canvas versus a BILLION holes holding up each piece of jewelry
if I were to go the route of burlap canvases,  I like the idea of doing them in big rectangles around a corner , as pictured here

However, I have a TON of earrings, so I think I need a seperate organizer for them alone such as this precious little bird cage-esque holder from Urban Outfitters, if only I could find it somewhere cheaper than $32 

I also like the idea of a peg-board wall with knobs and such such holding my stuff in place, but I think I'd need to paint it to match the wall, or an accent color 
This cute idea of framing jewelry is all over Pinterest , but I especially  like the idea of putting chicken wire or fabric colored foam in the frame to hang your jewelry on 

Currently, here is how all my stuff is "stored" (and I use that term very loosely)...

some earrings shoved in little boxes
some on my Mema's antique earring holder
those earring boxes thrown in this drawer with a few of my necklaces and bracelets
bracelets and big bead necklaces in this little organizer in my dresser...
... but much harder to see when inside the drawer 
several necklaces hidden behind the door on the wall in the guest room (husband is not happy about all those holes from thumb-tacks, trust me).
a few watches and bangles in a tray on my dresser
How do you store your jewelry?

Friday, February 24, 2012

rock and republic, gone cheap.

Are you sitting there with your jaw on the floor?

Yeah, I am still in shock over jeans that I used to save for MONTHS to buy and stalk the Rue La La and Gilt Groupe websites to buy at $119 (instead of their usualy $215 or $180) are now only $50 (on sale) at Kohl's!
And it's not a happy shock either....

1) I am mad that I once paid a lot of money for jeans that I felt were worth that much because their fit was so awesome and they were long enough for me to wear heels with AND they didn't stretch out as bad as other pants. So, are they still going to be quality jeans at that new price?

2) I feel like they aren't special anymore. And no, not because I'm a snobby-snob and think "oh man now the poor people can have them too", but because they were something I used to WORK for..
....and yes, if I'm  honest I liked people thinking "oh, that chick can afford some R&Rs" (sue me).

3) If they can be sold that cheap, does that mean I can get all my money back for the three pair I own at a much more expensive price?

Apparently, Rock & Republic filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and they are saving themselves by giving Kohl's the sole right to sell their line now.

Call me a snob, or whatever you want, but I am disappointed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

about to get ugly...

Okay, I am about to get not-so-nice for a second, so prepare yourself for the redhead and the Harrell to come out in me....

I posted yesterday about how things aren't going so well at work and I how I'd love to be home from work in time to feed Sawyer dinner every once in awhile.

Now, did any where in there I say "I hate my life"? No. If anything I said I hate my stupid desk.

Did I say "I am so unlucky, I have nobody to help me with my child." No. In fact, I have an amazing husband who is a wonderful father to the Sawbug and who goes above and beyond his "duties". And I have an equally amazing family that helps out too. But I would like to also have the time to do some of those things too..

So, why then did an anonymous person feel the need to leave this comment:

First part isn't so bad, it's nice to know I am not alone in my boat but that whole "at least you're lucky enough..." really makes me mad.

And if "Anonymous" didn't mean it to be ugly, then they wouldn't have hidden behind anonymity.

Let me reiterate that I don't work normal hours. I get to work around 8am then have NO idea when I might get home. If a reporter calls to say "hey we want to interview your superintendent live in front of the building on the 6pm news" I have to be there. Or if there's a Board meeting or school event that doesn't end until late I have to stay late for those too. And I'm on call 24/7, if a student dies or a school catches on fire I am expected to drop whatever I am doing and head that way. So don't try to loop me in with a "regular" working person. I don't work a 40 hour a week job.

I am not "lucky" I am indeed extraordinarily blessed with a family that lives nearby that we call on if Josh and I both have a late meeting every once in awhile, but otherwise we handle our child ourselves. Because that is what being parents and an independent married couple is about.

That has nothing to do with me wishing I could be home too to take care of my baby and SEE my husband every once in awhile. That post was about how I feel as if I don't get to be a good mother because I am trapped at work all the time.

Also, be a grown-up and don't hide behind an anonymous name.

k, thanks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

running away

Have you ever felt like just getting up from your desk chair at work, grabbing your stuff and walking OUT without looking back?

Yeah, I'm there.

This place is killing me. I want to be home in time to feed Sawyer supper for once, or maybe even get home and not be thinking about what I still have sitting on my stupid desk to do that I didn't get around to that day.

Lord, get me out of here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

bad blogger/weekend update

Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been so MIA lately, I just realized I haven't posted since Valentine's Day, yikes. Once again, things have been ridiculous at work lately and I have been working some crazy hours hence the lack of blogging/commenting.

Hopefully things are about to calm down a little. Here is a little update on how things are going, and also how I spent the weekend.

My friend Leslie sells Kelly's Kids and her mom was hosting an open house, so Sawyer & I took a little trip to Tarboro to check out all the wonderful clothes.

I may have purchased this precious reversible John John...
Sawyer of course was entertained by his bad Uncle Chris who not only gave him cinnamon rolls, but CHOCOLATE cinnamon rolls. His response? "That's what bad uncles do."

After that we hit up Target... bad decision.

I got Sawyer these precious t-shirts
loving the Darth Vader one the best, it goes great with the two other super-dork t-shirts Dee got him for his birthday
from Aunt Dee
I also found these three great bracelets that are part of Target's "3 for $12" deal.

Once we got home, Sawyer and Josh went for walk/ride in the wagon.

Sookie decided at some point Saturday night that the bed no longer belongs to Josh and I, but is her own personal sleeping place. She hogged my spot and had to be physically removed.
just so you know, that is a King sized bed, of which my 100 lbs. of chocolate lab takes up half.
Sunday was a pretty standard day, except it was my sissy's 19th birthday!

We went to Sunday school and church then came home and ate some leftovers since Mema Dean didn't cook Sunday. Sunday School was a little crazy because an older lady at church had a mini-stroke during her class and Daddy had to run down there and check on her and call the ambulance.

Then I was naughty and cleaned the house on a Sunday, something I usually try to avoid, but when you don't get home until late every night, what choice do you have?

I had to leave church early Sunday night because we were expecting snow/ice in Edgecombe County which means as the communications coordinator I had to be the one to send out the call, update the website, contact the news stations and such to let everyone know that the system would operate on two hour delay. No fun.

However, while I was at my parent's house using their internet and land-line to make the calls and such, Daddy did finally share his pictures from the birthday party.


And also a few others I haven't seen  before that he took once day at lunch at Olive Garden.
loves him a breadstick
but hates being put in the highchair

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Par-Tay

Saturday, Feb. 11 we gathered to celebrate Sawyer's first birthday with our closet friends and family (and a big pig).
A cooked one that is. 

I was so proud of our big guy and how well he handled how busy the day was and all the people at the party. Here are some of my pictures from the evening. (Expect more once Daddy and Michelle post their pics.)

centerpiece for Sawyer's table
I bought five cardboard jewelry boxes and painted them to look like old treasure chests (spray Stain works really well for this effect) the loaded them with beads, coins and some "jewelry".
more coins and rings then a Jolly Roger and a "treasure map" in an old bottle (which was part of my Uncle Kenny's glass collection)
I stole the subway art I made for the Bug off his wall 

food table boat
Uncle Chris, if you keep sticking that tongue out...
....I'm going to grab it.
John John & Dee helping serving the beverages
playing with cousin Michelle
for a boy that hates his own car-seat he sure did love his cousin Wallace's
still playing in Wallace's seat
Sawyer's "smash" cake and cupcakes
Jolly Rogers & baby pirate faces (which kind of made me feel like a cannibal for eating them)
this is how we party in the South. Pig...
....and homemade barbecue sauce
not quite sure about the smash cake...
..hhmmm sugar.
getting into it.
clapping for the yumminess

pimpin' recliner for the baby and the book his Papa Mark made him full of pictures from his first year
tricked out tricycle from Uncle Jordan (with an obnoxious horn that plays three different kinds of sirens)
awesome wagon with a canopy from the Mitchell/Lunsford clan - this thing was so useful when taking all the other presents outside

We had a great night and I am so thankful for our wonderful family and friends who helped us celebrate Sawyer and his first amazing year.