Thursday, February 23, 2012

about to get ugly...

Okay, I am about to get not-so-nice for a second, so prepare yourself for the redhead and the Harrell to come out in me....

I posted yesterday about how things aren't going so well at work and I how I'd love to be home from work in time to feed Sawyer dinner every once in awhile.

Now, did any where in there I say "I hate my life"? No. If anything I said I hate my stupid desk.

Did I say "I am so unlucky, I have nobody to help me with my child." No. In fact, I have an amazing husband who is a wonderful father to the Sawbug and who goes above and beyond his "duties". And I have an equally amazing family that helps out too. But I would like to also have the time to do some of those things too..

So, why then did an anonymous person feel the need to leave this comment:

First part isn't so bad, it's nice to know I am not alone in my boat but that whole "at least you're lucky enough..." really makes me mad.

And if "Anonymous" didn't mean it to be ugly, then they wouldn't have hidden behind anonymity.

Let me reiterate that I don't work normal hours. I get to work around 8am then have NO idea when I might get home. If a reporter calls to say "hey we want to interview your superintendent live in front of the building on the 6pm news" I have to be there. Or if there's a Board meeting or school event that doesn't end until late I have to stay late for those too. And I'm on call 24/7, if a student dies or a school catches on fire I am expected to drop whatever I am doing and head that way. So don't try to loop me in with a "regular" working person. I don't work a 40 hour a week job.

I am not "lucky" I am indeed extraordinarily blessed with a family that lives nearby that we call on if Josh and I both have a late meeting every once in awhile, but otherwise we handle our child ourselves. Because that is what being parents and an independent married couple is about.

That has nothing to do with me wishing I could be home too to take care of my baby and SEE my husband every once in awhile. That post was about how I feel as if I don't get to be a good mother because I am trapped at work all the time.

Also, be a grown-up and don't hide behind an anonymous name.

k, thanks.


  1. i read your post yesterday. and i saw that anonymous person's comment and i was gonna comment saying something towards that comment but didn't think it was appropriate to do on someone else's blog.

    glad you pointed this out because i also felt that comment was completely unnecessary. i can't stand when people constantly complain about their life (especially people you dont know) and then tell you how great you have it. um 'cuse you dont know me.
    i hate that for ya girl..there's a setting that you can put it on so you cant get anonymous comments. i want only positive comments on my blog.
    hope ya have a good day, hopefully you wont have to work late.

  2. Ugh I still think that comment is completely ridiculous and it reek of jealousy! You were venting about a REAL issue which is only that you wish you could be spending more time at home with your son. Like I told you yesterday, I KNOW you're grateful for what you have so it's stupid for anyone to say otherwise. Especially someone who doesn't know you well. I would switch settings on your blog too, to not allow anonymous comments any longer. They're just a waste and will only stress you out!

  3. ugh, I 've gotten a few anonymous comments on my blog lately that were mean as well. I agree, don't hide behind being anonymous or heck if you don't like what I say, don't read my blog. I did change my settings to not allow anon comments anymore, like Jessica Renee said above, I don't need the time waster and stress.

  4. I hate someone left a mean comment.

  5. oh my goodness...i cannot believe someone had the nerve to not only post that, but to hide behind it anonymously. who does that? you were just venting...goodness gracious, this is the first time you have ever vented about your job. it isn't like you continuously talk about how horrible everything is!
    love ya girl!!