Friday, February 24, 2012

rock and republic, gone cheap.

Are you sitting there with your jaw on the floor?

Yeah, I am still in shock over jeans that I used to save for MONTHS to buy and stalk the Rue La La and Gilt Groupe websites to buy at $119 (instead of their usualy $215 or $180) are now only $50 (on sale) at Kohl's!
And it's not a happy shock either....

1) I am mad that I once paid a lot of money for jeans that I felt were worth that much because their fit was so awesome and they were long enough for me to wear heels with AND they didn't stretch out as bad as other pants. So, are they still going to be quality jeans at that new price?

2) I feel like they aren't special anymore. And no, not because I'm a snobby-snob and think "oh man now the poor people can have them too", but because they were something I used to WORK for..
....and yes, if I'm  honest I liked people thinking "oh, that chick can afford some R&Rs" (sue me).

3) If they can be sold that cheap, does that mean I can get all my money back for the three pair I own at a much more expensive price?

Apparently, Rock & Republic filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and they are saving themselves by giving Kohl's the sole right to sell their line now.

Call me a snob, or whatever you want, but I am disappointed.


  1. I agree with you 110% percent...I found out that Kohls was going to be carrying their line a couple months ago and googled it because I was so shocked..and found the same info you said, about them going bankrupt, etc. I was super surprised when I looked online at the prices..BIG difference. Kinda disappointing..I have a few pairs of the "original" rocks and LOVE them. I still might go and check these out in the store, but for some reason I feel like they just won't be the same quality. And trust me, I do not think you are being snobby, because I feel the same way.

  2. I went and checked them out, I totally think the quality isn't as good as the ones I paid $$$$ for. but I'm over it now. hudsons are my fav

    1. I just decided that it could be could have been Seven For All Mankind or Joe's...which would have been much worse in my own humble ballin' on a budget opinion. I in a not snobby way know what you mean about them being "special" and how rewarding it is to save for a good piece that you add to your wardrobe. My fiance and I both tried them on (yes I am marrying a fashionistO) at Kohl's and the quality was not bad but definitely not what I expect from premium denim.