Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Par-Tay

Saturday, Feb. 11 we gathered to celebrate Sawyer's first birthday with our closet friends and family (and a big pig).
A cooked one that is. 

I was so proud of our big guy and how well he handled how busy the day was and all the people at the party. Here are some of my pictures from the evening. (Expect more once Daddy and Michelle post their pics.)

centerpiece for Sawyer's table
I bought five cardboard jewelry boxes and painted them to look like old treasure chests (spray Stain works really well for this effect) the loaded them with beads, coins and some "jewelry".
more coins and rings then a Jolly Roger and a "treasure map" in an old bottle (which was part of my Uncle Kenny's glass collection)
I stole the subway art I made for the Bug off his wall 

food table boat
Uncle Chris, if you keep sticking that tongue out...
....I'm going to grab it.
John John & Dee helping serving the beverages
playing with cousin Michelle
for a boy that hates his own car-seat he sure did love his cousin Wallace's
still playing in Wallace's seat
Sawyer's "smash" cake and cupcakes
Jolly Rogers & baby pirate faces (which kind of made me feel like a cannibal for eating them)
this is how we party in the South. Pig...
....and homemade barbecue sauce
not quite sure about the smash cake...
..hhmmm sugar.
getting into it.
clapping for the yumminess

pimpin' recliner for the baby and the book his Papa Mark made him full of pictures from his first year
tricked out tricycle from Uncle Jordan (with an obnoxious horn that plays three different kinds of sirens)
awesome wagon with a canopy from the Mitchell/Lunsford clan - this thing was so useful when taking all the other presents outside

We had a great night and I am so thankful for our wonderful family and friends who helped us celebrate Sawyer and his first amazing year.


  1. I love the theme for his party, you made it all so cute!! I'm glad he had such a fun time :)

  2. It looks like the party turned out so good! I love all the decorations! The smash cake is too cute! I never knew that was a thing!

  3. I love it!!! so adorable..you did great job with all the decorations!!!

  4. I love the decorations. It looks like Sawyer had a wonderful first birthday