Tuesday, July 31, 2012

out of commission

thanks to certain little squiggly one year old and his desire to NEVER get out of the bathtub - I spent Monday propped up on pillows with a heating pad under my back and a nice dose of muscle relaxers in my system.

so, I am playing major catch-up at work and at home (who knew missing one day of life would end up in more emails and voicemails than I could imagine). promise to be back soon.

Friday, July 27, 2012

a note from Sookie

What up?

This is Sookie, or you may know me as "the chocolate beast" since my mom apparently refers to me that way sometimes (which I am not a fan of, and will be discussing with her).

Let me tell ya'll about this hairless-puppy-like-creature my parents brought home like a year and a half ago.
that's him
They call him Sawbug - but I must say that he tastes nothing like any bug I've ever eaten before - and he is the coolest thing ever. 

I used to watch daddy feed the Bug when he was first born, and it was nowhere near as awesome as now, those bottles just didn't taste as good as his yummy food. Not only does he feed me the food he doesn't like from his cool chair, he also lets me lick the remnants off his hands! And he hands always taste so cool, you never know if they'll be tinged with some kind of fruit juice and cheesy crackers or if mama and daddy let him have something cool like those little meat-stick things that he likes to squish between his fingers - that's my favorite. 
back then
now, if I lay there long enough...
.... or look pitiful for a little while
...he usually feeds me.
He plays with me all the time, but he falls easy (probably because he walks on two legs instead of four like a weird-o) so I get yelled at when I knock him down - my bad ya'll, I just get so excited! I really like playing in his sandbox, especially when he puts water on me first... but mama doesn't seem to like that as much, which I totally don't get since mud is the best form of dirt.
see? he ALWAYS wants to come outside and play with me
I am a great big sister though, even if I do get him dirty sometimes. I cuddle with Sawbug and his blankey when he's sleepy, which isn't too often, but it's nice to be snuggled with by someone so little.

Mama and daddy even let him snuggle with me when he was brand new, but I could tell that I was not supposed to move by the way mama hovered over me all nervous and stuff.

He's a pretty good brother too, for example he isn't scared of those loud stormy things like I am, so he pets my head and loves on me when the thunder gets really loud, or if that evil beeping thing that goes off when mama burns something in the oven starts to beep.

Me and him work together on stuff sometimes. Like last week, I reallllllly wanted to sleep in the big bed with daddy so when it was mama's turn to get up with the Bug if he cried during night, he cried a BUNCH so she would have to sleep with him and I could take her spot on the bed. That's teamwork ya'll.

Sometimes he gets a little crazy though. He is so hardcore. For instance, he knocks over my water bowl just for giggles. And he yells louder than I can bark when he doesn't get his way every once in awhile - but it's cool, because it usually doesn't last that long before he's back to being snuggly again.

I was a little worried when mama was strutting around here with that big ole belly that this kid would make me lose time with my people, but instead, I gained another person who I think likes me even more than they do.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's time for Eff. Marry. Kill. with Michelle @ The Vintage AppleHeather @ Blonde, Undercover Blonde

I am SO glad that these lovely ladies brought back this link-up!

So here is my Eff, Marry, Kill - True Blood Edition

And yes, it was ABSolutely (haha, see what I did there?) to find shirtless pictures of all three. yum-o.

Eff - Jason Stackhouse - he is just delicious, and while he is quite the lady's man, he isn't really into settling down, therefore he is just eff-able.

Marry - Alcide Herveaux - He just seems like a big, strong protector man, and such a teddy bear, except you know the whole "wolf" thing. And just look at him.

Kill - Bill Compton - For some reason he seems a little pathetic to me, and whiney and I hate the way he says "Sookie" for some reason.

Also, if you've never watched the show, you should not only do that, but also read the books (The Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris) they're even better. Be warned though - True Blood is a little hardcore - lots of sex, blood and rock & roll language

What about you? Which ones would you eff, marry or kill. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Plans for Friday

... sadly it's nothing super exciting like rollercoasting (yep turned that into a verb) at Kings Dominion again or shopping in Raleigh - instead it's something that NEEDS to be done... some house cleaning & updating.

I'll be doing the regular ole vacuum, dust and laundry stuff but also some major things such as....

1. Fixing the nasty tile grout with help from this little recipe I found on Pinterest.
apparently vinegar, warm water, baking soda and ammonia is the magical  potion
as you can see, we have a TON of little tiny tile (apparently it was a big thing in the 50s) which means a bunch of grout
2. Then, (with a LOT of help from Papa) making this shelf to go over our bed, we are in dire need of something since we don't have a headboard. 
Currently our area over our bed is just too naked

3. I also plan on making the cute little "no-sew bunting" that Ruthie has on her blog (read here).
Ruthie's bunting is just too cute.
I plan on using them in our dining room because I feel like the windows are too naked. Now I just need to find some fabric to match.
I am thinking some different patterns with turquoise, green and pink, and maybe some gray to pull in teh gray from the fireplace. 

4. Lastly, (if I have time) I really want to make a "floor cloth" for the kitchen out of a tablecloth using this tutorial I found at Design Share.
just a tablecloth and some polyurethane 
I had been saying I was going to make a rug out of those little puzzle-piece play mat things for kids like I said here, but I'd much rather do it an easier way with a design already established instead of having to paint one myself (yes, that is just a little lazy).

So, today i will make a list of supplies, tomorrow I will purchase said supplies after work then Friday... it is ON.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I have a dream...

... and no it isn't something wonderful and selfless like world peace or equal rights (although those are wonderful things that need to happen). 

I have a selfish dream. 

I want to build/open a wedding and reception hall here in my little county. Then help plan events and make stuff for said events. 

And I don't want any old venue, I want to create a beautiful barn with rustic, but elegant decor. A place with outdoor and indoor areas, a bridal suite for the bride and her maids to get ready, a kitchen that caterers will want to use and maybe a game room where the groom and his guys can play.

And I am dead serious about this. To the point that I have been praying about it and thinking about talking to all my caterer, photography and florist friends about what they like to see in a venue.

We are so limited when it comes to places to hold receptions and weddings that don't require a good 20-30 minute drive for our family and friends here in Edgecombe County. Most of my friends have held their receptions towards the Rocky Mount side of the county or even in Greenville, which is not a problem when their grooms (or they) are from that area, but when you live more towards my end of the county, you lose a lot of your weddings guests who are older and don't want to make that trip when you a reception far from a wedding.

Most everyone gets married in their church around here, but if you want music, dancing or adult beverages - you have to find another place usually to hold your reception.

Not only that, but we have such great potential in our southern surroundings. I would love to refurbish an existing tobacco barn (which would probably cost more than actually building one) and make it into something beautiful for a wedding, party, or other event.

Thanks to Pinterest and Green Wedding Shoes, I have seen beautiful weddings held in rustic locations that either embrace the Southern way of cotton, burlap and magnolia leaves or maybe turned their barn wedding into a shabby chic or vintage affair. I would love to help people do that around here.

I die.
how precious is this with the wood beams and the greenery and lights?
So what holds me back?

Well of course the obvious, money. I would need some MAJOR fund-age to take on such a venture. 

But mainly? Fear. A family tried not too long ago to open a great farm-like reception/wedding place, that recently closed. However, I think I can see the mistakes they made and learn from them. For example, most of their stuff was outdoors, and it was literally a farm, with animals and everything... that you could smell.... and hear.

Do you have any big dreams you wish you could pursue?
and would you like to invest in mine (wink)?

Monday, July 23, 2012

hair help.

I need a hair change. 

I have been so fed up with my long locks lately that it ends up in a side-braided ponytail by the end of almost every day. So, I need your help.

Right now, it's just long and has a few layers. Mind you, my hair is SUPER thin so when I don't take the time to curl it (which is just about every single day) and just straighten it out, it's nice and stringy.

It's been through all sorts of stages...

really short my sophomore year of college with bangs
which grew out to look like this...
I just realized that Mac is in the background of this picture :( miss that sweet baby
then I let it grow long again and had some bangs..
then I grew the bangs out and just swept them to the side...
after I had Sawyer I cut it short again with some side-swept bangs
And I haven't cut it since then. So now it has no bangs, just semi-long pieces in the front that have to be pulled back.

hence, the side-braid.

Now, I don't know what I want. 
I am not really big on having it super short like it was my sophomore year, because when it's that short, you have no choice but to fix it every day, otherwise it just lays there all flat. But I don't want it long and stringy either. 

I like this look, but maybe with a little more length. 

or this one...

Help?! Do you like the ideas, or maybe one of the cuts I used to have?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

I'm linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting!

Just a few random pins lately...

yes, that is a Chocolate lab holding a Christmas stocking - this WILL be in Sawyer's closet.
Breda "Jordan" watch - cheaper than Michael Kors at $37 and still the look I want
Red Velvet Cake Batter dip!?! Yes please.
story of my life.
Camp Shirt from Old Navy - only $17.50 at Old Navy - need this for football season

I can't resist anything Pirate...

Poor Toby - so ready for The Office to come back

sunken little sitting area in the middle of the pool. I die.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blogger 411: the girl at the keyboard

I am linking up with From Mrs. to Mama for Blogger 411.

I am Lauren, an almost-25-year-old North Carolinian.
excuse the mirror pic (taken at work), I just realized I have NO solo pictures of myself.
I'm a proud East Carolina University graduate and Pirate football fan....
typical Saturday in Sept-Dec.
it isn't tailgating unless there's flip-cup.

....but I become a trader during basketball season when I cheer for the University of North Carolina TAR HEELS. 

I started dating this cool kid named Josh in 2005 and we were married on June 13, 2009. We also re-modeled my great-grandmother's home to make it our own that year too.

my favorite wedding pic
...another  favorite
Note the knee brace in that above picture? I got to break in Joshua as a husband really quick since I had knee surgery (thanks to moving heavy furniture by myself like a stubborn girl) two months after our wedding and was on crutches for three months. I had the joy of limping down the aisle with a knee brace and lots of Vicodin in my system :)

I'm a ginger and the mother of a precious 17-month-old baby boy, Sawyer (who is also a ginger, but becoming more of a strawberry-blonde-r) who was born Feb. 10, 2011

I am christian and proud to call Webbs Chapel Baptist Church my home. My entire family attends, and grew up there. I was dedicated, raised, baptized and married there then Sawyer was dedicated there.

As my header says, I have quite the expensive taste (mainly centered around Lilly Pulitzer and similar preppy fashions)... without the funds to support it since I work for a school system, the system that not only Joshua & I graduated, but also both sets of our parents.

I am not a teacher (man do I admire ya'll though), I am the public relations/communications coordinator for the system, and also the webmaster... oh and the graphic designer.. oh yeah and the fundraising coordinator, and I also design our marketing materials (a Jane of all trades if you will).

I am from a minuscule town in eastern North Carolina. Seriously, we have to drive 20 minutes to go to BoJangles and at least 30 to 40 for a good restaurant or to see a movie. But I am proud to have grown up here and raise my family in the shadows of pine trees and southern grace.

I started this blog back in August 2009, but didn't really start blogging for real until like Oct. 2009, in fact I didn't receive my first legit comment from another blogger until July 2010 when I wrote a post about how I sort of stalk my husband's beautiful ex-girlfriend Laura and how she is amazingly beautiful & talented, guess who the comment was from... Laura herself.

Now for a few questions:

Where have you traveled?
Oh man, I actually just returned from a great trip to Rome, Florence & Paris (even if my foot was in a boot since I badly, badly sprained my ankle) - best part? It was FREE read about here

But I've also been to most of the Caribbean (St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Barbados, etc.) and I had the pleasure of visiting San Antonio, Texas last year for a conference too.

What is your drink of choice; wine, beer, or liquor. Or Water, Soda, Tea?

I am not a wine or beer drinker - but I do enjoy a cocktail. Especially around football season. I ADORE Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka but Malibu Rum is a close favorite. On a regular occasion I enjoy Pepsi and water too (the water is a force-fed kind of thing).

What is something you enjoy to do when you have me time?

I love movies and I adore reading. I couldn't tell you a favorite movie for the life of me, because there are WAY too many that I love, same goes for books. But I do read The Great Gatbsy every year on my birthday (I am fairly certain I was supposed to be born in the Roaring 20s).

If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be?
Monkees boutique. Seriously, the only thing it is lacking is Lilly.

What day would you love to relive again?
My wedding day, that may sound pretty cliche, but I really don't remember most of it. I wish I had savored the moment more AND I wish I had taken less pain medicine for my knee.

Show us a picture from high school or college.
Oh dear, here is one from high school of our soccer team. We never won a single game my senior year, in fact we didn't even score a goal. But we had an amazing time singing songs on the bus and other cool gangsta stuff. 
we're hard core.
And another from my senior prom with Mr. Edmondson.

And some from college, the first is a camping trip on Carolina Beach when I was at UNC-Wilmington my freshman year - this is the occasion when I discovered my SUV was NOT 4-wheel drive... the hard way.

and THIS one, from a Christmas Costume Party we went to (as you can see, Joshua isn't much for dressing up) where I was a Christmas present.

Basically, I am just your average southern blogger, I use my blog as a sounding board and somewhere to vent (sometimes). I blog about random musings and usually participate in The Nail Files link-up with Fabulous but Evil and Oh How Pinteresting with The Vintage Apple