Friday, July 27, 2012

a note from Sookie

What up?

This is Sookie, or you may know me as "the chocolate beast" since my mom apparently refers to me that way sometimes (which I am not a fan of, and will be discussing with her).

Let me tell ya'll about this hairless-puppy-like-creature my parents brought home like a year and a half ago.
that's him
They call him Sawbug - but I must say that he tastes nothing like any bug I've ever eaten before - and he is the coolest thing ever. 

I used to watch daddy feed the Bug when he was first born, and it was nowhere near as awesome as now, those bottles just didn't taste as good as his yummy food. Not only does he feed me the food he doesn't like from his cool chair, he also lets me lick the remnants off his hands! And he hands always taste so cool, you never know if they'll be tinged with some kind of fruit juice and cheesy crackers or if mama and daddy let him have something cool like those little meat-stick things that he likes to squish between his fingers - that's my favorite. 
back then
now, if I lay there long enough...
.... or look pitiful for a little while
...he usually feeds me.
He plays with me all the time, but he falls easy (probably because he walks on two legs instead of four like a weird-o) so I get yelled at when I knock him down - my bad ya'll, I just get so excited! I really like playing in his sandbox, especially when he puts water on me first... but mama doesn't seem to like that as much, which I totally don't get since mud is the best form of dirt.
see? he ALWAYS wants to come outside and play with me
I am a great big sister though, even if I do get him dirty sometimes. I cuddle with Sawbug and his blankey when he's sleepy, which isn't too often, but it's nice to be snuggled with by someone so little.

Mama and daddy even let him snuggle with me when he was brand new, but I could tell that I was not supposed to move by the way mama hovered over me all nervous and stuff.

He's a pretty good brother too, for example he isn't scared of those loud stormy things like I am, so he pets my head and loves on me when the thunder gets really loud, or if that evil beeping thing that goes off when mama burns something in the oven starts to beep.

Me and him work together on stuff sometimes. Like last week, I reallllllly wanted to sleep in the big bed with daddy so when it was mama's turn to get up with the Bug if he cried during night, he cried a BUNCH so she would have to sleep with him and I could take her spot on the bed. That's teamwork ya'll.

Sometimes he gets a little crazy though. He is so hardcore. For instance, he knocks over my water bowl just for giggles. And he yells louder than I can bark when he doesn't get his way every once in awhile - but it's cool, because it usually doesn't last that long before he's back to being snuggly again.

I was a little worried when mama was strutting around here with that big ole belly that this kid would make me lose time with my people, but instead, I gained another person who I think likes me even more than they do.


  1. Hey,
    I love your blog soo much!! <3
    Would you like to follow eachother?

  2. Great post, Sookie! You sure are a lucky girl to have a little human brother to play with! It looks like you two really are best friends. :-)

  3. This post is so cute! I love all the pictures of Sawyer and Sookie. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great post Lauren!! I'll bet you've captured "the beast's" thoughts exactly. Love it!

  5. just read this - and I may or may not have teared up. I love a baby and his dog. so sweet.