Thursday, June 28, 2012

to tat or not to tat?

I don't have a tattoo, mainly because I promised Big Mark that if he let me pierce my belly button after my high school graduation that I'd never, ever, ever intentionally let another needle touch my body for non-medical reasons.

Well... the belly button ring lasted all of about one year before I decided it wasn't really my style, and up until now I never really wanted a tattoo. My husband believes they are absolutely addictive (he would know, he has five and wants many more), but I still think maybe I could just get one that isn't super visible and be satisfied.

I have REALLY wanted "argghh" (for the Pirates of course) on the inside of my index finger, but I realized there isn't much you can do to hide that and as someone that is the "face" of a school district I'd hate to be sticking my hand out to shake the hand of a senator or something and have him/her distracted by my finger.

just trying it out with a more temporary approach
But now, I've decided I want something really special. Therefore I chose this:

I found the "you are my sunshine" type art from Minted via Pinterest then just added some sunshine type rays. 
So why a sunshine and those words (which will have to be a little darker I guess to show up on my skin)? 

Because of my Mema Kay that died April 27, 2009 from metastatic lung cancer that spread from her lungs to her brain and bones.

Mema, me and Papa after my high school graduation.
When I was little she would rock me or swing with me in the hammock and we would sing "You Are My Sunshine" a MILLION times. It was our song. The night she died, I sang our song until she woke up and said she loved me one more time before she fell asleep and never woke up again. 

And because of my sweet baby boy Sawyer. Now, I sing the same song to him, to help him go to sleep at night or calm him down when he's fussy, even though doing it usually brings tears to my eyes.  And because he is indeed my sunshine. 

Now... where to put it?
(yes, I know, that's what she said)

I'm leaning toward my foot so I can cover it when I want, even though I'd love to have it on my wrist. I do NOT want it on the small of my back, rib-cage or side. I wouldn't mind it on my shoulder either, but I really have no idea. 

I also need to get up the courage to do it.. that is another issue entirely. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

I'm linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting!

I have been completely obsessed with the silky tunic-style tops that I have seen everywhere online - I was dumb and bought a $70 Karlie one this weekend in yellow, before remembering all the options online boutiques had to offer for much cheaper prices.

still love it - even if it was a little too pricey

Here are the ones I've pinned lately.

Color in the Lines Blouse from Red Dress Boutique - $40
Chloe Pocket Blouse in Lilac from NastyGal - $48

Zoom Bisou Top from Modcloth $39.99

Pam Breeze-ly Tunic in Turquoise and Blue at Modcloth - $34.99
Boyfriend Stripe in Coral from Blue Door Boutique - $48
Island Hopping top from Kiki La Rue - $36
Ocean Breeze Blouse at Shop Ruche - $35.99

What do you think about the tunic style?
.. and better yet, have you seen any that are even cheaper?

Now go over to The Vintage Apple and link up, or just see what everyone else is pinning! 
Make sure you enter Michelle's surprise $30 Amazon Gift Card giveaway while you're there!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

times, they are a'changin'

My heart has been a little bit broken... by a restaurant.

Our local eatery, "BR's Grill" is closing it's doors. Now, usually this would just create a little sadness. After all, it is just a restaurant.

... but it isn't. 

BRs has grown up with me.

When I was little it was "Millie's Grill" in the back of the Jif-E mart. When Big Mark was still a respiratory therapist and owned Rem-Labs in Pinetops, I felt so grown up calling in my own order and ordering my standard "cheeseburger without (I didn't even have to say "without onions" because they know what "without" means) with a french fry and large lemonade" and then Daddy watching me cross the street all by myself to pick it up.

Then, when I was in middle school and Millie's had made it's big move from just a grill in the back of a gas station to actually owning the building (the gas station became the Shell mart across the street). When I didn't make the cheerleading squad there was my daddy, waiting for me in the car with my order (with an extra fry to make me feel better).

And when I grew up even more and got to high school, I still chose Millie's for all kinds of occasions. It wasn't just our lunch place, it was THE place to be for lunch. If we had an early release day, you could guarantee the booths would be full of kids. Millie's was our "happy hour", a few hours early.

As high school ended and I left for UNC-Wilmington, the first thing I wanted when I came home was a "cheeseburger without" from Millie's. The grilled changed from being the place to lunch to the place to meet other friends who were coming home from college and also needed a burger. I sat there for hours with friends, catching up on how their classes were, what guys they'd hooked-up with met and who had done the craziest things since graduation. In our world full of changes, Millie's was our constant place - it never changed, no matter how much we had. 

Millie sold the grill and it was bought by another local guy, BR a few years ago. Now that I have a big girl job and no longer have the fun option of running to the grill all the way from work for lunch, I stop for breakfast. I've met a whole new crowd in the early morning hours. The farmers. This group doesn't have the luxury of a lunch break, they are a lot older and need black coffee and a hearty breakfast to start their day. I feel so silly running in their half awake with my high heels and sunglasses stopping to pick up my bacon and egg on dry toast, when they're sitting there with two hours work of work already under their belts.

It's so silly probably to be so moved by the closing of a local eatery, but I can't imagine a time when the grill wasn't there. Who else will know that it's me calling and what I want before I can even finish calling in my order? Where else have I spilled out my troubles and triumphs over a messy burger and soggy fries? What other restaurant can offer a burger that is the solution to most problems?

I feel like a little bit of my hometown is disappearing with the closing of BR's - and it makes me wonder... how much longer can I stay here?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kathryn's Bistro & Martini Bar

Bleh it's Monday, which makes me not happy.

BUT, what does make me happy is thinking about the amazing dinner Josh & I had Friday night.

back story: While Josh & Sawyer were enjoying themselves on the beach all week with Josh's family, I was stuck at work, so Thursday night I decided to surprise them by joining them at the beach - I only got two nights (Thurs & Fri) but it was still wonderful to get away.

Originally we had planned on celebrating our anniversary at a bistro called Kathryn's (a restaurant Josh's cousin Pam, who lives at EI, had recommended) while we were at the beach, but since I didn't have enough vacation days to go, we just celebrated with some takeout.

However, when I got to the beach, Josh's family agreed to keep Sawyer for us Friday night so we could go to Kathryn's anyway.

Let me tell you - it was divine, and I don't use that word often because it sounds a little pretentious. But for real ya'll, it was ah-mazing

We started with two martinis (which was quite a decision considering they have an entire menu dedicated to martini choices). Joshua had the Southern Tides (Southern Comfort, Amaretto, a "splash" of Sour Apple Pucker and pineapple juice) and I had the Emerald Isle (Midori, Malibu, Blue Curacao, and pineapple juice) - seriously the best thing I have ever had the pleasure of drinking, so I had another. Even though they were $11 a piece, they were completely worth it. 

For our appetizer we enjoyed the Frito Misto which had calamari, tempura battered shrimp and crispy fried oysters with a cilantro lime dipping sauce. I was a little surprised how long it took to get our meal after we finished, I took it as a sign that I needed to enjoy a third martin, this time I tried the Fuzzy Martini (Ciroc Peach, Kettle One Orange Vodka, Peach Schnapps and a splash of OJ). Marvelous.

my Fuzzy martini
You have seen this tweet...

Hubs enjoyed the Pan Seared Ahi Tuna Filet with shitake mushrooms, spinach and garlic "smashed" potatoes. I had the Carolina Classic, which included giant gulf shrimp and applewood bacon with scallions, crimini mushrooms and garlic, all mixed in cheesy grits. Yeah, it was seafood heaven in a bowl.

Carolina Classic
The only negative thing I could say about Kathryn's is their location and marketing. I know those seem silly, but if I was looking for a "nice" upscale place to dine I wouldn't have found Kathryn's. The logo and signage seems more casual and island-y with it's curly font and it's location is on the end of a strip of stores.
I worry that people who hadn't heard from a friend of a friend that it's a delicious place to eat may drive right by it. However, it was awarded #1 Fine Dining in the Crystal Coast for two years in a row, so maybe those things don't matter?

FYI: I was not compensated for this post, nor did I think anyone at Kathryn's will read it, just thought I'd suggest a yummy place if you're ever in the Emerald Isle, NC area

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nail Files

YES, finally have my nails painted so I can link-up with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil for The Nail Files!

Sally Hansen's "Lacey Lilac". 

I could not find my bottle anywhere to take a picture with it, but this is what it looked like.
This week Sookie and I have been home alone while Josh & Sawyer are enjoying Emerald Isle with Josh's mama's family all week. Sadly, I did not have enough vacation days to go. So I have been using the time to clean up and handle a few projects, like organizing Sawyer's closet and cleaning the house. 
snuggling with Sookie (and Pooh Bear)
Sawyer's closet took OVER the couch during the re-organization
meanwhile Josh and his family are sending me pictures like this one of him in his wagon
and this one of him sleeping with his daddy

SO last night I surprised Joshua by heading down here after work so I can at least enjoy today and tomorrow with them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Now that I am finally getting back into the blog groove, I am so excited to re-join the "Oh How Pinteresting" link-up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple.

We just started our four day - 10-hour a day, work week so I will have Friday's off to catch-up on what I didn't get to do during the week, and hopefully devote some time to crafting and home improvement. Our poor house is looking a little worse for wear lately with all the business.

So I've been pinning some fun ways to improve the house and fun craft ideas.

Even though I have a black-thumb of death when it comes to gardening, I would love to make a little tipsy flower pot tower to go by our carport, I will probably paint them in purple & gold though (of course).
I also really want to make my kitchen floor prettier, right now it is so bland - so why not a giant painted rug? Cheaper, and easier to clean. I'd love to do a blue & white chevron pattern.
I need a new wreath for both football & basketball season, so I think I could do one like this below - our local Dollar Tree (aka crafting heaven) has the little soaker basketball & footballs so it'd be cheap and easy.

Then of course I've been pinning some fun summer dresses, because my Pinterest closet is SO much better than my actual one... and also cost a lot less.
Yellow Heliconia Leaf Dress from Deloomvia
Lilly Pulitzer Quinn dress
Asos River Island High Waist dress
Forever21 Sleeveless Lace dress
And a big birthday shout-out to two lovely bloggers, Tara @ Fabulous but Evil & Rebekah @ Life with the Edwards

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shopping Binge Confession

Okay I feel like I have to confess this.

Husband recently decided it was time to cancel my credit cards because I have no self-control we need to consolidate some debt, so I of course decided to make a few quick purchases before I could no longer "afford" to do so...

First at Forever 21 - and before you judge please remember that I got all this for a grand total of only $87

Sleeveless Vertical Striped shirt
Essential Polka Dot Tie Neck dress
Layered Neon necklace
Colorful Pattern necklace

Patterned Lace tank
Buttoned Shoulder top
Then at NY&Co, where I found an amazing sale to go along with my amazing coupon I got all these things for only $112

Paisley Tunic in "Aging Apricot"
Pink capris
I've actually already put these to good use see:

7th Avenue crop in "Grey Whisper"
I already wore these too!

One Pocket Short Sleeve tunic
Sleeveless Ruffle Blouse 

So yes, sue me - I am a little bit addicted to a good buy and a great outfit. But, my days of secretly splurging have been put to an abrupt halt by Mr. Edmondson.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Baby Divided

One of my best, and oldest (like in amount of time I've known her, not age), friends Dana and her husband Bradley (aka B-Rad) are expecting a precious little boy in July, so her friend Paige and I decided to throw a little shingdig that not only Dana and our girl friends could enjoy, but B-Rad and his guy friends could enjoy too - enter the "Baby Divided" shower. 

You see, Dana is a Duke basketball fan (I know, bless her heart) and her & B-Rad are both NC State football fans (don't know why we tolerate them) so we invited our friends and their guys/gals to bring baby Colton some Duke and NCSU apparel so he will be all set for football/basketball season.

The shower was a little similar to the Pirate Tailgate shower that Josh & I threw for his cousin Michelle back in August 2011, so I recycled a few ideas from it.

We enjoyed hotdogs & hamburgers along with some fruit with fruit dip, little basketball rice-krispie treats, pretzel-rollo-pecan bites and some funfetti cake dip (no party is complete without it).

the Mommy-to-Be enjoying some supper

my husband obviously entertaining Eric, Hope & Rachel
Del (who made a long-awaited return from SC) and the Daddy-to-Be chatting
Paige & Dana laughing at Brooke
Hope never lets me get a candid of her...
We couldn't have asked for a prettier day to have the shower, it wasn't too hot and the sun was shining, but the wind was just about to blow us away. In fact, I had to tape the little "Colton" banner to the siding on the house because it kept blowing all crazy, and the diaper wreath couldn't even be hung up.

the gift table and banner
close up of the banner, with its classy blue tape 
diaper wreath divided
Pom Poms that held up surprisingly well despite the wind
After we all ate food and cake, we moved inside for Dana & B-Rad to open gifts. Well, I say Dana & B-Rad but, like a good husband, he let Dana do all the un-wrapping and "awww"ing.

B-Rad was NOT a fan of the Duke apparel, he mentioned that they would be a great addition to his collection of dust rags for cleaning.

Josh, obviously not appreciating the Duke outfit either
Eric & Hope watching the present-opening
Me, Hope & Dana
While we were opening gifts, some of the guys entertained themselves by reading excerpts of Fifty Shades of Grey, which Paige is currently reading and had sitting on her coffee table. They were giggling like sixth grade boys.
reading and giggling
After opening presents and while the girls chit-chatted, the guys enjoyed some corn hole.

It went great, and I believe everyone had a great time. I love a shower that includes the guys and the girls, since after all, B-Rad had just a little part in making that baby too ;)