Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shopping Binge Confession

Okay I feel like I have to confess this.

Husband recently decided it was time to cancel my credit cards because I have no self-control we need to consolidate some debt, so I of course decided to make a few quick purchases before I could no longer "afford" to do so...

First at Forever 21 - and before you judge please remember that I got all this for a grand total of only $87

Sleeveless Vertical Striped shirt
Essential Polka Dot Tie Neck dress
Layered Neon necklace
Colorful Pattern necklace

Patterned Lace tank
Buttoned Shoulder top
Then at NY&Co, where I found an amazing sale to go along with my amazing coupon I got all these things for only $112

Paisley Tunic in "Aging Apricot"
Pink capris
I've actually already put these to good use see:

7th Avenue crop in "Grey Whisper"
I already wore these too!

One Pocket Short Sleeve tunic
Sleeveless Ruffle Blouse 

So yes, sue me - I am a little bit addicted to a good buy and a great outfit. But, my days of secretly splurging have been put to an abrupt halt by Mr. Edmondson.


  1. Ooohhh you got some really cute stuff!!!

  2. I love both of these stores! You got some really cute outfits!

  3. I really like the lace tank from Forever 21! I used to love Ny and Co, and you got really cute stuff, but their sales are not like what they once were. I remember being able to get pants on clearance for under $10! Those days are gone now!