Thursday, June 28, 2012

to tat or not to tat?

I don't have a tattoo, mainly because I promised Big Mark that if he let me pierce my belly button after my high school graduation that I'd never, ever, ever intentionally let another needle touch my body for non-medical reasons.

Well... the belly button ring lasted all of about one year before I decided it wasn't really my style, and up until now I never really wanted a tattoo. My husband believes they are absolutely addictive (he would know, he has five and wants many more), but I still think maybe I could just get one that isn't super visible and be satisfied.

I have REALLY wanted "argghh" (for the Pirates of course) on the inside of my index finger, but I realized there isn't much you can do to hide that and as someone that is the "face" of a school district I'd hate to be sticking my hand out to shake the hand of a senator or something and have him/her distracted by my finger.

just trying it out with a more temporary approach
But now, I've decided I want something really special. Therefore I chose this:

I found the "you are my sunshine" type art from Minted via Pinterest then just added some sunshine type rays. 
So why a sunshine and those words (which will have to be a little darker I guess to show up on my skin)? 

Because of my Mema Kay that died April 27, 2009 from metastatic lung cancer that spread from her lungs to her brain and bones.

Mema, me and Papa after my high school graduation.
When I was little she would rock me or swing with me in the hammock and we would sing "You Are My Sunshine" a MILLION times. It was our song. The night she died, I sang our song until she woke up and said she loved me one more time before she fell asleep and never woke up again. 

And because of my sweet baby boy Sawyer. Now, I sing the same song to him, to help him go to sleep at night or calm him down when he's fussy, even though doing it usually brings tears to my eyes.  And because he is indeed my sunshine. 

Now... where to put it?
(yes, I know, that's what she said)

I'm leaning toward my foot so I can cover it when I want, even though I'd love to have it on my wrist. I do NOT want it on the small of my back, rib-cage or side. I wouldn't mind it on my shoulder either, but I really have no idea. 

I also need to get up the courage to do it.. that is another issue entirely. 


  1. That's what she said..hahaha. Funny how our minds go there now.

    I have no ideas for the placement. My first response would be on your hip but since you don't want that my next idea would maybe be your shoulder because you can always wear your hair down over it if you're wearing something that shows it off.. My good friend actually has a sun on the back of her neck, high up right under her hairline. It may sound tacky at first but seriously, no one even knows she has it becasue she never puts her hair up. That might be a little discreet way for you to think about! I just think it's sweet that you're honoring your grandma and baby that way :)

  2. I like how I said I have no ideas but then spouted off some anyway.. hahaha. I guess I should always go back and delete my first thoughts before I go ahead and hit publish. lol