Monday, September 12, 2016

I leaped.

Well friends, I have returned after a 10-month hiatus. And just like the last time I returned after a long break, I have a lot of rather large life updates to share.

For starters, I took a big leap two weeks ago.

Monday, August 29, I turned in a resignation at work so that I can stay at home with Brody and Sawyer.

This was by no means a rash decision. We prayed long and hard about it. We talked to our church leaders and friends, and we went over the “what if’s” a million times.

We also crunched numbers over and over again. With our daycare costs being only about $400 less than what I make a month and with us having no daycare options for when Sawyer started school, we knew the right choice to make but were terrified to make it. In the end, we just listened to what God was telling us, and we obeyed.

It’s going to be tough financially for us, but we have faith that we can do it and that God will make a way.

So, I leaped.

I am not only excited about getting to spend more time with Brody & Sawyer, I'm also pumped to do some freelance graphics and content management at home along with another endeavor…

I am opening my own design and invitation shop, Front Porch Paperie & Design. I have been making invitations, printables and other things for friends and family for quite some time, and I’ve decided to expand to include some logo and business graphic design (and start actually charging for my services). I’ll begin with an Etsy shop that  I am hoping to launch some time around my birthday (9.27).

I've already had a few awesome business customers:

My friend Marie sells some amazing jewelry (I especially love her oyster shell necklaces). Visit her shop here

Live in the Carteret County area? Check out Tripoint Fitness

check out Savage Boutique on Facebook, the shop will launch soon!

God’s timing is amazing and this decision has already been a blessing in so many ways. Especially considering Brody broke his leg Thursday night (by just falling an awkward way while playing with Sawyer) and I can now be with him as we deal with a large cast and no weight bearing for 4 to 6 weeks.

excuse the crumbs on the giant bean bag, it's been his favorite place to eat, sleep and lay ever since Thursday night.
If Friday hadn’t been my last day, I would have been at a conference this week and scrambling to find a way to either not go or to find someone to keep Brody. And Josh would be taking off work to cart Bro to and from doctor appointments for the next few days.

While I am not happy about my 22 month old’s broken tibia, I am so thankful that the timing worked out that I can be with him during this time.

I appreciate any prayers you can send up for us as we make this transition and also for Brody (he is already pretty miserable and tired of not being able to run and chase after Sawyer & Sookie, and it’s only been four days).

I am hoping to slowly get back into blogging as well, so check back for more posts soon (hopefully).