Wednesday, March 31, 2010

be the bigger person, be the bigger person, be the bigger person

I am tired.
I am tired of being the bigger person in situations.
I should want to rise above and be a better christian and person in general than those who try to bring me down, but it is so hard.
I was always told "just ignore them" when someone said/did something ugly about/to me, but every once in awhile Big Mark would say "sugar pig [yes he called me sugar pig, shut up], you have to stick up for yourself". Contradiction much?
Today, I chose not to sink down to their level, but to stand up for myself as well as other married people.
Someone who I used to be very close to posted something tacky on the wall of someone else I used to be very close to. The post was written awhile back, but it was just brought to my attention.
The wall post [an example of why Facebook ruins lives] said something to the extent of "marriage sucks, you should be glad you're single because married people are dull and fat." Granted I think this person was trying to boost the other person, but in doing so she put down a lot of people.
Now, this could be taken as a general comment, however instead of just saying "married people are fat" the person really said "married people have FAT HIPS". I take that personally. Very personally.
First of all, since this person is un-married she has no idea what it is like. My marriage is not boring and monotonous and I learn new things about Josh every day. We still play and laugh and, if anything, I am even happier now than I was when we were dating and engaged. I have heard the same things from other married couples we hang out with about their marriages.
Yes, marriage can be hard, especially when times are tight, but toughing things out together and learning to lean on one another makes our relationship that much stronger, not "monotonous".
On to the "fat hips" section of this statement. Wow. I will be the first to say that I am one curvy girl. I am aware that I have a 40 in. hip/butt span and that my days of fitting into sz. 4 pants are LONG over. However, this has absolutely nothing to do with being married. I know women who are married and look better than they ever did in their single days. Granted, a lot of my weight gain has occurred since I was married, but I also had knee surgery in 09 that rendered me useless in the exercise department for awhile and a lot of stress from switching jobs twice. And my husband likes my curves just fine thanks. Besides, like I always say, fruit taste better than sticks.
So my response to said post is that I am happily married, and glad I am not a bitter, envious person. I personally think that going out with the same people, to the same bar area and getting the same level of stupid drunk every weekend is monotonous and boring, but you don't hear me saying that being single is full of monotony and boredom [which IS spelled with an "e" by the way].

Monday, March 29, 2010

Preppy Mafia member

I've been crowned a socialite by The Preppy Mafia!
The rules-
Click on the above button and paste onto your blog/website
Answer the below questions

1. Who is your style icon? As crazy as it sounds, Mischa Barton's character Marissa Cooper on "The OC" (my all-time favorite series may it rest in peace) is my style icon. While she is a fictitious character, her style was Ah-mazing. Preppy one day, boho the next.
2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? anything by Cecily Von Ziegesar
3. Favorite party theme? anything but clothes, I love finding unique ways to create out an outfit out of unusual items
4. Go to Halloween costume? a present, since I am indeed a gift to the world ;) it's so easy to throw on colorful tights, wrap a box that is just the size of my upper torso in fun coordinating paper, throw on a tiny skirt (or a tiny dress underneath the box) and don a bow on my head TA-DA a perfectly wrapped gift
5. Extravagance you cannot live without? designer jeans, they fit JUST RIGHT and they run long enough for me to actually wear heels (a true feat when you're 5 ft. 9)
6. Living person you admire? My Mema Dean, surviving cancer twice (breast cancer & lymphoma), raising two girls by herself after my papa died in 1970 and cooking enough food every Sunday to feed the small army that is our family, what isn't there to admire about her?
7. Greatest Fear? drowning in my car
8. Trait you deplore in yourself? my inability to think before I speak
9. Which talent would you most like to have? the lack of procrastination
10. Greatest Achievement? graduating a semester early despite losing several credits when I transferred from UNCW, failing and making up classes and missing a lot of class due to both skipping & a battle with thyroiditis my junior year

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

who knew weekends could last TOO long?

I can't believe I'm saying this but, this past weekend was the LONGEST of all time.
Poor Josh called me late Friday night to come pick him up from the bachelor weekend in Myrtle because he had a terrible stomach thing going on. Since my Rodeo is struggling I called my folks to borrow one of their cars only to end up being fussed at for trying to drive to Myrtle alone. So the Wendy, Big Mark and I piled into the truck and headed south. We got to Myrtle around 11:30ish and got home around 3:30-4am. It was a long and miserable ride. Bad knees + sitting in back seat w/ Big Mark in front + 4 hour rides = pain. Josh had a fever, chills, an achy body and terrible stomach pains and situations so he was silent and uncomfortable the whole way home too.
Saturday was supposed to be busy, but planned out, but the previous night ruined that idea, and so did Sookie.
I had PLANNED on waking up around 11, getting ready then driving to Raleigh for a friend's wedding shower before driving to NCSSM to pick up Dee and go shopping. HOWEVER the entire trip was all rushed and uncoordinated because I was sleepy, Sookie got loose and had to be chased through town and I had to stop at the mall and buy a wedding gift for said shower because I didn't get to the night before.
It was a busy, busy weekend and I can honestly say I was glad to get back to work Monday so I could be on a normal schedule again.
This weekend won't be much easier though. Big Mark is having fairly intense shoulder surgery Friday at Duke and will spending the night there Friday night. Dee has to be picked up Friday too, so she is staying with Josh & I. Then Saturday we were supposed to go to Winterville for a cousin's birthday party during the day before going to an 80's Prom theme birthday party for another friend that night. However, with the Marcus coming home from Durham on Saturday, I kind of want to be around the house to see him/help the Wendy get him situated.
Needless to say, it's going to be another long one. Prayers are appreciated.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing hubby but loving job.

Well, it was lonely night in the Edmondson household last night. Josh left for a bachelor party (to be held in Myrtle Beach, I am terrified I will receive a collect call from some jailhouse down there asking me to bail out my husband & ChrisMitchell) and so Sookie & I were on our own. Now I have lived by myself before and stayed by myself on several occasions, but I am VERY used to having a warm body (besides Sookie's) in the bed and the darling doggie doesn't obey me quite like she does her daddy.

It was a long night filled with Sookie capturing the remote any time I put it down and running away with it, her trying to eat two rolls of toilet paper, llloottss of barking and finally a snuggle fest where she actually snuck between the sheets and laid her head on Josh's pillow. Luckily, Josh comes home Sunday.
I am incredibly in love with my new job. I can't say it enough. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my duties and I get along wonderfully with my boss. I always have something to do and I don't have a lot of down time, so I won't be able to blog as much, but that's a price I am willing to pay.
I actually get home in time to cook supper, which I (and Josh) love. I am constantly told how much I look like my mother since she used to work at the Tarboro Clinic Pharmacy/Bryan Drugs here in Tboro, but I never tire of hearing it.
Prayers for safe travel for Josh, Ryan, Chris, Samuel & the other six guys that are participating in the bachelor weekend festivities are much appreciated, as are prayers that I don't kill Sookie before her daddy returns.

Monday, March 15, 2010

day 1 = success

My first day at the school system was absolutely wonderful. I feel like I fit in well there and although I am probably the youngest person in the entire office, everyone seems really nice. Not only was everyone pleasant, they were also helpful. I didn't feel like I was bothering someone when I had a question and the support staff had already set up my email, desktop account and put a nifty wooden placard on the door by my office that says "Lauren H. Edmondson Community Relations". I know I am going to be so happy now and it felt AMAZING to get home before Josh and have dinner ready, have time to work out and not feel like the day crawled by. Thanks again for all the prayer and I hope that many more happy posts are coming.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

to know then, what I know now

Ever have those days where you look back on decisions you've made and cringe? It happens to me all the time.

My junior year in high school was chock full of terrible judgment and moral-lacking choices and every time I think about things I did in 2003/2004 I die a little inside. I thought I was so cool by doing things I knew were wrong and that I was showing how much I didn't care what either people thought by defying the double standard that says boys can do what they want while girls get called bad names for doing the same things. But really? I was just lost and dumb.
I lost friends over meaningless trysts that I thought nobody would find out about. I prided myself on not being like a silly girl and getting too attached and clingy, but drama followed me everywhere, all of it caused by my stupid decisions.

BUT, If there was any chance that I could go back in time and change things, I am not sure if I would.

While the things I did may have made a lot of girls (and a few boys) dislike me, I learned so much from the mistakes I made. I learned how to let insults roll off my back, how to enter a room where nobody liked me and still hold my head high and how to form with a comeback that stung without making me out to be the bad person.

However I wish I could have learned those lessons without losing a little bit of myself along the way and hurting a few people I really cared about.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Simmer down now.

Dude. Seriously. I went to the Tarboro Edgecombe Junior Miss program Saturday night with the Wendy and Dee and attempted to enjoy a lovely evening... however I had to constantly restrain myself from turning around and shoving my program in the wide open mouth of the obnoxious girls sitting behind us.
After attending about 6 of these programs it looks like I would have gained some tolerance for the screaming contest that always comes along with the performances, but EVERY TIME I go, I leave angry at the people who scream out the names of the contestants they're in favor of over the MC's or at silly times when it is incredibly inappropriate.
For example, a beautiful young lady named Amber Rudd sang "My Heart Will Go On", and I don't mean she stood there timid and shy and attempting to sing like Celine Dion until her time was up, I mean she SANG it and she sang it beautifully. When Miss Rudd was finished the girls behind me erupted into screams and yelled out stupid things like "Hobgood girls ROCK" and "DAMN YOU'RE GOOD" and the like. It was horrible. That girl sang a song well beyond the scope of most people's ability and while everyone else applauded her with class, these girls were obnoxious.
It doesn't stop there, the girls continued to yell (along with others) and even yelled over the two beautiful MC's (Rebecca & Britney) while they were trying to announce the winners of the individual awards.
These three chicks were INCREDIBLY lucky that the Wendy was sitting next to me constantly pinching my leg when I attempted to say something to them.
At one point obnoxious girl #1 said "We should scream 'we love you INSERT NAME HERE' at the top of our lungs" to which I calmly replied, while still facing forward, "Please don't". Then obnoxious girl #3 said "I wonder if she can even hear us screaming for her when they called her name and she wasn't on the stage yet?" to which I once again calmly said, "I know I can."
Last year while I was at the program with my M-in-Law, a girl next to us (we'll call her Martha) actually cheered for non-contestants. When her friend (we'll call her Mary), who was guest MC-ing came on stage for about two seconds two announce a guest Jr. Miss performance Martha hollered her name and when Mary came back on stage a few minutes later to announce the next performance Martha actually yelled "Welcome back Mary!" I mean, seriously? Same girl (Martha) even yelled "I like your dress" to one of the girls on stage.
This kind of trashiness is not limited to the Jr. Miss program. At graduations the principal always says, "Please hold your applause until all names have been called." Yet, every single year parents ignore this request and holler out their child's name or other things so long that the next person's name is hardly audible.
Now, I must say that I was guilty of asking my parent's to scream for me because I was convinced that every other parent would yell for their kid and then my name would be called and you would only hear the sound of sweat dropping on the metal chairs and bleachers as we melted into our seats.
While I know everyone wants to show support for the person they want to win, or to the kid they've helped raise and put through high school, I wish people would show a little class and tact.
Politely clap when necessary and only cheer for the person when their name is followed by a pause to allow for noise or after a wonderful (or not so wonderful) performance.
By the way girls behind me at Jr. Miss, I remember your faces and I will be sure to sit behind you with and pull your hair at the next event we both attend. : )

Friday, March 5, 2010

want, no NEED, these scarves

Someone PLEASE,I need at least one of these scarves. In fact, I REALLY need one in every pattern available. Aren't they the most precious things you have ever seen?! I can tell that there is someone out there thinking I should really go to the nearest Lilly store and buy Lauren one or more of these awesome scarves, she deserves it for entertaining me so often with her wit and awesomeness No?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring necessities

As these wet days full of cold breezes and gray skies continue, I can't help but look in the guest bedroom closet full of my spring clothes/shoes and dream of sunnier days.
I am MORE than a little worried that my post-knee-surgery-therefore-no-running/i-work-a-14 hr/day-job body will not fit into my Lilly dresses, Milly tops, and favorite capris, however here are few things I am looking forward to slipping into:

Jack Rogers
These shoes are my life-line. I have them in silver, gold, green&white, and purple&yellow. I wear them with just about everything and I tend to buy green things just for my green Jack Rogers and obviously I have more than enough purple and yellow for the other pair. They are comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and are my favorite pair of shoes (next to my beat-up Rainbows).

Lilly Pulitzer dresses (tops, pants, and all other items as well) I live for Lilly. The bright colors, breezy fabrics, unique designs and notable patterns fit wonderfully into my idea of perfection. Once again, these can be worn to church, weddings, dinner, ball games, and just about anywhere else that preppy is allowed. (Not to mention two of my Lilly's match my green & white JR's perfectly).

Tshirts Yes, I do realize you can wear t-shirts all year long, but come spring/summer you can wear t-shirts without coats and with rainbows, which makes it so much nicer. I love to wear a jean/white/madras skirt with a tshirt, it's my go-to outfit when I just need to run to grab something to eat or if I'm at the beach, to wear anywhere. I especially love Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament and Guy Harvey t-shirts. While I am not a fisherman by any means, there shirts shrink perfectly to fit me and the cotton is the softest. I also love random t-shirts from restaurants, like Salty Dog or of course Sanitary.

White linen skirts When I am tanner (which may not occur this year since I have NOOOO money and really can't afford tanning bed time) I love a white skirt. I am going to sound like a broken record, but a white skirt can be dressed up or down. I die for just throwing on a white linen skirt, plain top, statement necklace and a pair of flats for work or a white skirt, tank top, and Rainbows for anything else.

Coach espadrilles I have these exact pair of shoes, while they are a few seasons old, I could care less because they have color in the crayon box (except pink)in them, making it so easy to match any outfit with. I wear them with jeans or longer skirts and layer shirts in the colors of the shoes. Love, love, love them, but once labor day passes, in the closet they go.

Milly tops Now, while Milly also makes dresses, her tops fit me so much better (she isn't so forgiving in the hip area). The stand-out patterns and eclectic uses of color make this designer so special to me. I am only lucky enough to have two tops from the line (since they cost around $300 a pop, I usually visit Monkees of Greenville's sale at the end of the season or scout Ebay) but I love them.

Now that I've managed to completely depress myself thinking of the sweaters, jeans, and boots I'll be stuck in for the next couple of weeks/months, I am going to throw on my heavy North Face and venture out of the office for lunch and imagine it's warm and my Jack Rogers are slapping the pavement instead of my boring old brown pumps.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Done... I think.

I think I am finally done searching for a job... because I just accepted a job in the position where I want to work for good!
I am soon going to be the Communications Assistant for the Community Relations department with Edgecombe County Public Schools underneath the director, Diane LeFiles.
I am so excited because this is what I went to school for. I will be preparing press releases about upcoming events at the schools, updating the website, helping Mrs. LeFiles handle publicity [both good & bad] and preparing public statements and information for the superintendent.
Finally, I will be on the other side of the newspaper.
I appreciate all the people who were praying about this with me, I know that God wanted me to have this position.
When I found out about the position opening, I was actually in the process of accepting a job with The Wilson Times as a reporter, but just as I was telling Josh about being offered the job at the paper I got an email from the automated job alert site at Edge. Co. Schools detailing this job. I know this was God's way of telling me not to accept the job as a reporter, knowing I would continue to search for other options.
I am so glad that my job search is finally over and that I will finally make enough money to help pay bills and have benefits that are actually worth something.

sundays in t.hall

This weekend I was lucky enough to experience the nasty stomach virus that's been going around Edgecombe County. Horrible, horrible stomach cramps, achy body, pounding headache, high fever and yucky thing I won't mention took over my life from Friday to Sunday afternoon.
Around 4ish Sunday I started feeling better so Josh and I went to T.Hall for supper at his grandma and granddaddy Bulluck's house like we do just about every Sunday night.
While Mrs. Ethel, Mrs.Vivian and Mr. Mike attended a church board meeting, Josh, Mr. Scott, Jordan and I were lazy and took naps.
I had already slept half the day away in a Phenergan induced fog so I was awake while Josh snored with his head on my lap, Jordan snoozed in the recliner and Mr. Scott dozed in his chair.... with the remote in his hand so I couldn't turn the channel... which was stuck on RACING.
Which brings me to my point. How do people watch racing?!!? The only thing interesting was when people wrecked. In fact, I took a little cat nap and when I woke it they were STILL DRIVING IN CIRCLES, so technically you could just watch the last twenty minutes, see who maneuvers their way into the top slots and call it a day.
Maybe it's because I don't know anything about cars or the skill it takes to be a defensive and offensive driver, but I can promise you that NASCAR will never grace our television at home... ever.