Monday, March 1, 2010

sundays in t.hall

This weekend I was lucky enough to experience the nasty stomach virus that's been going around Edgecombe County. Horrible, horrible stomach cramps, achy body, pounding headache, high fever and yucky thing I won't mention took over my life from Friday to Sunday afternoon.
Around 4ish Sunday I started feeling better so Josh and I went to T.Hall for supper at his grandma and granddaddy Bulluck's house like we do just about every Sunday night.
While Mrs. Ethel, Mrs.Vivian and Mr. Mike attended a church board meeting, Josh, Mr. Scott, Jordan and I were lazy and took naps.
I had already slept half the day away in a Phenergan induced fog so I was awake while Josh snored with his head on my lap, Jordan snoozed in the recliner and Mr. Scott dozed in his chair.... with the remote in his hand so I couldn't turn the channel... which was stuck on RACING.
Which brings me to my point. How do people watch racing?!!? The only thing interesting was when people wrecked. In fact, I took a little cat nap and when I woke it they were STILL DRIVING IN CIRCLES, so technically you could just watch the last twenty minutes, see who maneuvers their way into the top slots and call it a day.
Maybe it's because I don't know anything about cars or the skill it takes to be a defensive and offensive driver, but I can promise you that NASCAR will never grace our television at home... ever.

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