Monday, February 22, 2010


Lately, I have been trying to write down everything that inspires me, or little quotes that pop into my head to use in my book.
I have officially decided to write a book about a girl from Maryland and a boy from an area like Temperance Hall, meeting in college up north and her coming home to meet his giant Southern family on various occasions (christmas, thanksgiving, a funeral, a baby shower, and a big beach trip). It's going to be broken up by the years they're in school. The two (who are tentatively named Whitley & Cooper) meet in August of their Freshman year, break up once in their Sophomore year, get back together in their Junior year, engaged during Senior year and married afterwards.
There are all sorts of crazy things that happen while they're dating. Cooper has numerous girl cousins who all dislike any girl he dates and one girl best friend (Faith) who is a spitfire, but takes up for Whitley when necessary (which is often since Whitley was raised a snooty kind of polite and coldness where the T.Hall family was raised to be open, loud, and charming).
I had a dream about the best friend character a few nights ago and in the dream she was mad at Whitley for hurting Cooper. Faith said, "Don't think that just because I say "yes ma'am" and smile real sweet that I won't hurt you."
Faith's boyfriend is shy and is also good friends with Cooper (they all grew up together).
Whitley eventually learns a lot about family and loss from her time with Cooper's family and I am so excited to write about it.
I think the book will be finished one day and hopefully MY T.Hall family will like it and not take offense, nor will any of my friends who have characters in the book *cough* Hope *cough*.

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