Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sookie's latest adventures

Our baby girl is getting so ginormous. This is her new favorite sleeping position, a slight improvement over laying smack dab in the middle of Josh and me.
Her latest catastrophe involved two very small pairs of underwear.
On Thursday night as I was just drifting off into my dreamland (usually starring crazy, weird situations and colors that have yet to be invented), Josh flew out of the bed and started chasing a barking Sookie around our bedroom. All I could see of Sookie was a red blur with a tiny speck of turquoise that quickly disappeared. As I sat up in the bed to figure out what was going on I saw Josh plunging his fingers down Sookie's throat.
Apparently, Sookie had swallowed a pair of turquoise panties.
I quickly googled "dogs and underwear" (word to the wise: there are lots of filthy things involving those three words on the internet) and discovered that we should just wait to see if Sookie pooped them out and if she starting puking to visit the vets office.
Wellllll, I came home Friday after work to find Josh shoveling poop. He brought the shovel over to graciously show me the poop containing my underwear, but IT WASN'T THE TURQUOISE PAIR. It was entirely different pair of underwear that she must have swallowed another time. Which means we are STILL on poop watch.

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