Friday, August 31, 2012

The Nail Files

I'm linking up for The Nail Files with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil!

I usually try to keep my nails purple during football season ((GO PIRATES!)) but I am a little tired of switching between dark plum and bright purple, so I decided to use my "Lacey Lilac" color by Sally Hansen and Pure Ice's "Spit Fire" as an accent nail this time for a different look.

I'm digging it. 

Also, today is ESPN's Collegiate Color Day (and of course Paint it Purple Friday), so I am rocking my purple & gold!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

miracles happen

I had the pleasure of witnessing a miracle last month and I forgot to blog about it.

I don't mean like a man getting up from his wheelchair and walking miracle (although I totally believe that  could happen if God saw fit) or a nice little superficial miracle like the Lilly Pulitzer store calling and telling me a mystery man had gone and bought me the entire stock (which would rock).

I mean just a little awesome miracle.

Josh's dad, Mr. Mike was over eating supper at our house one night and had been outside with Sawyer while Josh grilled some BBQ chicken. As I was opening the oven door (which was set at about 425 because I was roasting potatoes), Mr. Mike came inside and put Sawyer down who immediately came running over.

He then slapped his hands down on the oven door. And left them for a few seconds. 

It was like it happened in slow motion.

screamed, scooped him up and grabbed my cell phone - ready to call my folks and ask them if what I could do for the burns when I realized Sawyer wasn't screaming, or even crying. In fact he was looking at me like I was absolutely crazy.

His hands weren't burnt at all. 

By this time, Mr. Mike had heard me scream and come running to the oven to help and was amazed too. He opened the oven door and barely touched the inside before having to quickly withdraw his hand because it was so hot.

Miracle, folks. 

You may think, "yeah, sure. he must have just grabbed a cooler spot" - but I know what I saw.

I am so thankful for life's little miracles and that Sawbug wasn't hurt. And I praise God for that.

Secret Life trap

I, Lauren Edmondson, am trapped by a stupid television show. 

I HATE it, but I can not stop watching it. It's like a car accident.

Let's just talk about this shall we?

Every episode seems to read like a stupid Public Service Announcement, and it usually involves a real-life current issue. Last week they were talking about a pornographic book called "50 Spices"... really? These past couple of weeks have also been about teenage hookers.

Let's talk about the amazing (#sarcasm) cast now..

You've got ole Amy Jergens and Ricky Underwood - who had a baby in high school and got engaged and have everyone thinking they get married... but they didn't really get married. Which is dumb. I just can't even.  Oh and best part... she got pregnant at band camp. Yep.
her hair is glorious though
Then you've got Grace, who is supposed to be a Christian but keeps "falling off the wagon", along with her jock boyfriend Jack, whose coach is trying to turn him into the Tebow of their college.

Then there's Adrienne who was an uber-slut. And now goes to college, oh so does Jack & Ricky - but they still hang around the same group of high school friends.. because that is what happens in TV land.

Oh, and Adrienne was once married to Ben because he got her pregnant, but she lost the baby. The same Ben that was in love with Amy when she was pregs with Ricky's baby. Ben's also pissed at his best friend Henry because he slept with Adrienne once and is also now trying to date Ben's current girlfriend Dylan, but Ben doesn't really care because he is still in love with Amy.

Did you get all that? Yeah me either.

Now they have a new pregnant characters (because that is apparently all that teenage girls do now - get pregnant) who is with Ricky's younger brother.

The parents are EVEN WORSE! They are like teenagers themselves, which is probably why their kids are so dumb.

So why do I watch it? I have no idea. I think I just want to see how worse it can get, and how damaged each of these kids is going to be.

Is anyone else addicted to this show?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back in the groove..

Good morning ya'll!

Man, have I missed sitting down at my keyboard and pounding out a blog post, sadly life got in the way for awhile, but I am back now.

So what's been going on with my life since I last posted a real post on August 10?

I cut off my hair. Like 12" of my hair, and gave it to Locks of Love to help make wigs for cancer patients.


me and my freakin' awesome hairstylist Renee, and yes that is my hair in my hand.
This is the only pic I've taken since I've had it cut, someone stole my coffee mug at work so I had to be "Doris" for the day...

On Aug. 21, we hit up Meet the Pirates, an annual event where families can come out to Dowdy-Ficklen stadium to enjoy some inflatable ride things, get autographs from the players, score some Pirate swag and meet Coach Ruff. Josh's cousin Michelle and her son Wallace also came with so Sawyer and Wallace could have some cousin bonding time.
waiting in line to go in.. I think Sawyer had just caught a glimpse of John John in the parking lot, hence the smile

Sawyer & Wallace hanging on the field
Sawyer however took the "cousin bounding experience" to mean let me steal all of Wallace's snacks because I am  bigger and faster than him.

Sadly, it didn't go very well. Sawyer was NOT about a stroller and also didn't want to be held, ride on his daddy's shoulders or have his hand held... needless to say he was cranky and we got crankier the longer we had to chase him around the stadium. On a brighter note, I think we have a running back on our hands because that little dude ran on those little short legs from the 50 to the 10 like it was nothing.
Josh grabbing Sawyer by the longalls to keep him still

It was also incredibly warm, Sawbug's little face was so flushed. He apparently got so hot he decided he didn't mind the stroller after all and spent a little time in Wallace's.

But, we did get some good pictures of Sawyer enjoying the Pirates!
Sawyer & PeeDee
great to see that awesome score board again

you know he's ill when he won't even pretend to smile

Josh & Sawyer with Coach Ruff (thanks Michelle)

Other than that, life has been pretty dull, but it won't be much longer since ECU FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS THIS SATURDAY with a home game against App State. I am so beyond excited. My twitter feed has of course been eaten up with Pirate news (sorry if you're not a fan). But I just cannot wait for tailgating to begin.

Since the game starts at 12noon, I will be making some breakfast casserole and biscuits for the tailgate. Prepare yourself for tailgate pics and posts! Here's just a little something awesome to leave you with..

Monday, August 20, 2012

be back soon

yikes, it's been awhile since I've posted, sorry ya'll!

Sadly, today will not be a real post either, or tomorrow that matter because it is the end of August and therefore things at work are absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention that either me or Joshua has a meeting or obligation every night this week and next week.

Promise to return with fun updates and such soon!

Friday, August 10, 2012

18 months

Sawyer Lang is 18 months old today! Even though it seems like he was just born.
Getting a bath at Mema's Tuesday night

Height - I'm not really sure? Guess we'll find out at his appointment today
Weight - only 24 lbs, he is moving so much he has only gained 3 lbs. in a year
Shoe Size - 6!
Clothes Size -  18m in almost everything except pants, he needs a 24m 

He adores singing and nodding his head to a beat - he is so funny at church standing down at the front head banging to "Jesus Loves Me", and adores the children's choir director Amy, whose name he calls constantly.

Sawyer has become quite the chatterbox. He loves to talk, and can say just about anything. He isn't really about making a sentence yet, but him being able to tell us what he wants/needs is great (versus us having to guess). He will say "juice" when he's thirsty, "eat" when he's hungry, name some of his favorite shows like "Dora" or "Einsteins" when he wants to watch them or "Soo Soos" when he wants to play with Sookie or is looking for her.

His favorite word? "Anmals" (no "i" sound). He is OBSESSED with animals. He loves to watch the Barnyard Animal DVD at my parents house so much that we had to buy one for our house and Josh's parents got one too.  He loves to read animal books and point at each animal making its sound and wants you to make them too. 

Check this video of his mad animal skills:

Yes, he is slightly obsessed with cows.

Speaking of words, he has started saying "pee pee" or "doo doo" (which I did not teach him) when ever he goes to the bathroom in his diaper. So a couple of weeks ago we pulled out his potty just to let him see it and associate it with the bathroom. So Sunday when he said pee pee he walked up to it, Josh opened it and pulled down his pants and TRIED to sit him down on the seat, Sawyer decided he was a big boy and needed to stand, so he stood right up and aimed and peed in the potty! We couldn't get over it. We aren't forcing it yet, but if he tells us "pee pee" we will take him over to it and let him go in it.

He has also become overly attached to his "pipe pipe" (pacifier) and "blankET" (he likes to put an emphasis on that "et" sound for some reason) lately, which I am little worried about, but we will fight that battle later.

Climbing has also become an issue. He loves to get on the rails of his bed when they're folded down and use them to climb onto the bed.

Drink - we have finally gotten him to drink Milk, but only organic and with strawberry syrup (yes, he's a strange baby), but he loves water and "Mots for Tots" juice. He loves drinking out of a straw but tries to be a big boy with regular cups too (lots of spills)

Food - still those nasty Meat Sticks, but he does love a scrambled or boiled egg and most fruits

Toy - his little world with the animals inside it that Mrs. Vivian brought him back from NY from FAO Schwarz and he loves it.
And his little people barn with the "anmals"

Book - ANYTHING with animals and big pictures

Activity - Whether it's the bathtub or the pool, this baby adores the water. He loves to float around, blow bubbles and SPLASH.
The sandbox is his other favorite place to play - however you have to watch him, apparently sand is tastier than it looks.

I can't believe the big guy is getting so grown-y and such a personality, love him more than words. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

a letter to the Bug

My sweet little baby bug, isn't such a little baby any more. Sawyer will be 18 months old tomorrow and time flew so fast that it made me realize how quickly he is going to grow up. 

how did we go from brand-new baby, sleeping on daddy to...
....walking all over daddy
I decided to write down a few things I want to tell him before he goes from 18 months to 18 years.

Don't you ever let someone tell you that you aren't capable of doing something. You can do anything you set out to do, no matter how small of a town you're from or how hard the world pushes against you. Just because mama and daddy chose to stay around Edgecombe County and work here, don't think that means you have to do the same.

Try not to lose your temper too often. I know this will be hard since you have both my and your daddy's temperaments (sorry about that) but you have to learn to pick your battles and know when a fight is worth having. Also try to avoid losing it in public, that's not classy.

Spend time with your granparents, you'll blink and all of a sudden they're older than you think they ought to be. 

Love the Lord. Don't fall into the trap I fell in to in high school, you will never be too cool to stand up for what you believe.

Smoking isn't cool. I know you'll probably try cigarettes, and maybe some weed, but trust me, it isn't as cool as it looks and you will not be able to hide it from your daddy and me, we know all the tricks (because we used to pull them too). Cigarette smoke clings to EVERYTHING, and all the eye drops in the world won't clear up all the red in your eyes. 

Be a gentleman. Don't let other guys tell you that being a jerk is what gets the ladies, the good girls are going to appreciate manners and boys that can be nice to their parents more than they'll like guys who don't call back and are rude to adults. 

Don't skip class. It becomes way too easy the more you do it and while school may suck, an education is what is going to get you out of here and into college. Learn from your mama's 1.56 GPA at UNC-Wilmington, skipping one class leads to another, which leads to another and so forth.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

bargain baby

Can we take a second to just appreciate how good it feels to see that "You saved $___" at the bottom of a receipt or in your little cart while online shopping? It is one of my favorite feelings (sign #1 you have a shopping addiction...).

I love when I catch a good sale on a flash site. And I've been known to totally stalk the following:

And thanks to my stalking I've gotten lots of good things at crazy prices, ranging from Hudson Jeans at Guilt for $79 (regular $185), Lilly dresses galore from Rue La La (at half the price) and a precious La Mer watch from ideeli ($54 for a $119 watch!).

But, I REALLY luck up when it comes to Sawyer.

Homie big-time needs new clothes for fall since he can definitely no longer fit in last years (obviously). Thankfully, Totsy had a great sale on Mud Pie clothes and Zulilly had one for Petit Ami the same day... I racked up.

Mud Pie
Blue Truck Shortall - $22.50 $12.75
Red Checkered Tool outfit set - $22.50 $11.75
Petit Ami
Owl Overalls with collared shirt - $43 $19.99
Green Checkered Longall with Brown Dog and collared shirt - $32 $16.99

If you'd like to hit-up these great sites just click on the links below, they are personal invitations to shop from me (just don't tell your husband where you got them from).

RueLaLaGiltIdeeliOne Kings LaneJoss & MainTotsy & Zulily

Are there any great sites you always shop for sales?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Star: Hi, I'm Lauren.

I'm linking up with Mrs. Monologues for Blog Star!

Mrs. Monologues

I am Lauren, an almost-25-year-old North Carolinian, Pirate, wife and mother. 
excuse the mirror pic (taken at work), I just realized I have NO solo pictures of myself.
When I say "Pirate" I don't mean like a creeper who wears a peg leg and an eye-patch, I mean a die-hard East Carolina University Pirate fan. The Saturday's of August through December are reserved for tailgating hard at Dowdy Ficklen Stadium before a game or watching an away game on television (or live if we can afford it).

I married this guy named Josh in June 2009 (after dating since January 2005).. he's a Pirate fan too.

We had a precious baby boy name Sawyer on Feb. 10, 2011 and we're raising him to be a Pirate too!

little Pirate baby - even before he was born.
Sawyer now
Josh and I both were born and raised in a very, very small town in Eastern NC and we came back to work and raise our family here. There's not much here, we only have two caution(not stop) lights where we live and have to drive 20 to 30 minutes to eat at a "real" restaurant, but I am proud to have grown up here and raise my family in the shadows of pine trees and southern grace.
my favorite wedding pic, in front of our water tower
I am christian and proud to call Webbs Chapel Baptist Church my home. My entire family attends, and grew up there. I was dedicated, raised, baptized and married there then Sawyer was dedicated there. 

I enjoy things like...

crafting and hosting parties/showers 
in the past three years with all of my friends (and me) getting married or having babies, I've had the pleasure of planning and hosting several showers and other events, and it has made me want to open my own event planning business or a place to host such things.... it's a dream that I hope will someday be a reality.
half the fun of parties is the printables and the crafting in my opinion
read more about these parties - Hope's Bach. (1, 2 & 3), Michelle & Eric's Pirate Shower, Sawyer's First Birthday and Dana & Bradley's Baby Divided Shower

shopping (and dreaming)
as my header says, I have quite the expensive taste (mainly centered around Lilly Pulitzer and similar preppy fashions) without the funds to support it 

working in the public relations/communications field
I am the public relations/communications coordinator for the system, and also the webmaster... oh and the graphic designer.. oh yeah and the fundraising coordinator, and I also design our marketing materials (a Jane of all trades if you will).

breaking it down ghetto style
I love my share of southern rock and some country, but give me some rap and a beat, and you've got a happy girl. This picture from my friend Hope's wedding sorta sums it up:
that's me with my mouth open, no doubt rapping the lyrics to "Get Low" or something.

So, read my blog, or follow me on twitter if you think I sound super cool (which you should, because I am).

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Productive Weekend

Yes. It is indeed already Thursday and I am just now telling you about my weekend from LAST week. #mybad.

I posted last Thursday about how productive my Friday was going to be and how I had grand plans for getting lots of stuff done. Well.. it was pretty productive, but not as much as I wanted it to be.

On my to-do list for the day were the following things:

  • create a "floor cloth" with a tablecloth and polyurethane like I saw here

  • make a shelf for over my bed like this one

  • clean my nasty grout in my bathroom with a recipe I found a Pinterest

I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures (even crappier than usual) - all I had was my cell.

I started the day by dropping little man off at his Mimi's - because I definitely wouldn't have accomplished anything with him at home (love my kid, but he is quite mischievous) before popping over to Target & Hobby Lobby to get supplies for my tasks at hand.
ohh Hobby Lobby, I'm a slave to you.
Before I got started on the fun stuff, I decided to tackle the grout. Ya'll. Seriously. That stuff did not work.

See? Still gross. I think my old house is just too resilient to change.

Project #1 = Failure

Since the grout cleaning failed too actually work (it did however succeed in giving me a lovely ammonia-induced headache) - I decided to start my fun little bunting project.

1. Got some great fabric from Hobby Lobby (always on sale!) along with a pack of "Wonder Under" to make the fabric stiff instead of all flimsy hanging from the ribbon
2. Then cut it into triangles and ironed it onto the "Wonder Under" - see how cutely it matches my little table runner in the dining room?

then I just hot-glued the triangles to thick grosgrain ribbon, folding one half of  the ribbon on the front side of the triangle and one side on the back and hung it on window! For more detailed instructions (and MUCH better pictures) visit Ruthie's post.

Project #2 completed successfully.

Then I had to go grab Sawyer from Mimi's since she had to pack for her trip to Philly for a conference, luckily I had Dee as back-up, so she came over and watched him while I went to visit my personal carpenter (my Papa Dude) and discuss the shelf project

While I had plans of just grabbing Papa and my list and heading to Lowe's, Papa had other plans. He took one look at my list and realized he had a lot of the stuff I needed already in his workshop.. but he'd need some time to find it all. He's so tight resourceful!

So, he set to looking through that nasty pit he calls a barn and I went back home to paint/arrange my items for the shelf.

I was inspired by the look of the layers in this shelf, but new I wanted to arrange things differently.

4. (and yes, I did skip 3, shut up) I spray painted a dollar aisle candle stick holder from Target black, because of course they didn't have two black ones, only one black and one brown. I also painted a picture frame for my nightstand black while I had the paint out. I gave an old iron lamp the silver spray paint treatment along with a wooden letter "E" for the shelf. 

5. Finished lamp, just poked holes and threaded a black ribbon through a existing lamp shade, and I propped a picture frame up through on the lamp with part of wedding invitation stuck in front. 

6. I wrote "Edmondson" on the letter "E" for now until I can find the kind of fabric or paper I want to cover it in (black and white stripe that matches the under-side of our comforter)

I did layout how I want the stuff on the shelf once it is completed, I plan to "anchor" the ends of my shelf with some lanterns I got from ZGallerie for Christmas and the candlesticks from the dollar aisle at Target. Then I am filling the space in with some black, silver and white picture frames and some little knick-knacks like a little faux potted plant, bird figurine and a little turquoise spice jar (not pictured). 

Not only am I framing pictures, I found a great site, The Vintage Lemon, with a free printable of your state and hearts to put over your hometown. Here is mine:

and another site, For Chic Sake that had a fun "make your own monogram" printable, so I made one in blue and cut out and put in front of a black and white morracan tile scrapbook paper. 

Now all I need is to make the actual shelf to put everything on!

 Project #3, almost completed.

The floorcloth project was pretty easy. All I had to do was buy a tablecloth from Target, lay it out flat then paint over it a few times (letting it dry in between coats) with polyurethane. 

But... I was out of rolling brushes, so I had to make a quick trip to Lowe's on Saturday morning with Sawyer, who looked absolutely precious driving the little Lowe's car/cart.

So when I got back home, I laid out the cloth, painted and TA-DA a rug/floorcloth.

yes, the next project is definitely going to be to paint that kitchen island.
Project #4, DONE!

So, it was a pretty productive Friday/Saturday. However, I did manage to pull my back Sunday night getting Sawyer out of the tub which resulted in a Monday home from work on a heating pad and doped up on muscle relaxers... and a little bit of this at my parent's house: