Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back in the groove..

Good morning ya'll!

Man, have I missed sitting down at my keyboard and pounding out a blog post, sadly life got in the way for awhile, but I am back now.

So what's been going on with my life since I last posted a real post on August 10?

I cut off my hair. Like 12" of my hair, and gave it to Locks of Love to help make wigs for cancer patients.


me and my freakin' awesome hairstylist Renee, and yes that is my hair in my hand.
This is the only pic I've taken since I've had it cut, someone stole my coffee mug at work so I had to be "Doris" for the day...

On Aug. 21, we hit up Meet the Pirates, an annual event where families can come out to Dowdy-Ficklen stadium to enjoy some inflatable ride things, get autographs from the players, score some Pirate swag and meet Coach Ruff. Josh's cousin Michelle and her son Wallace also came with so Sawyer and Wallace could have some cousin bonding time.
waiting in line to go in.. I think Sawyer had just caught a glimpse of John John in the parking lot, hence the smile

Sawyer & Wallace hanging on the field
Sawyer however took the "cousin bounding experience" to mean let me steal all of Wallace's snacks because I am  bigger and faster than him.

Sadly, it didn't go very well. Sawyer was NOT about a stroller and also didn't want to be held, ride on his daddy's shoulders or have his hand held... needless to say he was cranky and we got crankier the longer we had to chase him around the stadium. On a brighter note, I think we have a running back on our hands because that little dude ran on those little short legs from the 50 to the 10 like it was nothing.
Josh grabbing Sawyer by the longalls to keep him still

It was also incredibly warm, Sawbug's little face was so flushed. He apparently got so hot he decided he didn't mind the stroller after all and spent a little time in Wallace's.

But, we did get some good pictures of Sawyer enjoying the Pirates!
Sawyer & PeeDee
great to see that awesome score board again

you know he's ill when he won't even pretend to smile

Josh & Sawyer with Coach Ruff (thanks Michelle)

Other than that, life has been pretty dull, but it won't be much longer since ECU FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS THIS SATURDAY with a home game against App State. I am so beyond excited. My twitter feed has of course been eaten up with Pirate news (sorry if you're not a fan). But I just cannot wait for tailgating to begin.

Since the game starts at 12noon, I will be making some breakfast casserole and biscuits for the tailgate. Prepare yourself for tailgate pics and posts! Here's just a little something awesome to leave you with..


  1. awh that pic of him and peedee is adorable!!! I miss going to all the ecu games!!! :(

  2. ps..your hair looks great!!!! I've been wanting to cut mine for a while but I'm so scared I will hate it!

  3. Ahh I could never cut my hair so short! It frizzes up the shorter it gets and I look ridiculous! But i Love short hair! We are huge college football fans as well but we are NCSU Alumni! My husband and all his college friends are driving to atlanta tomorrow for the chick fil a kick off game against Tennessee, but we go to all the home games ;)
    so glad I found you blog
    check me out sometime

  4. Woman your hair looks AMAZING! That cut/length is just so you!!

    Sawyer gets cuter with every picture!!

  5. omg i LOVE your new haircut!!!

  6. Love the haircut! You look amazing!!!

  7. What a fun day. Every year I have something going on and don't get to go down for meet the Rebels.