Thursday, August 30, 2012

Secret Life trap

I, Lauren Edmondson, am trapped by a stupid television show. 

I HATE it, but I can not stop watching it. It's like a car accident.

Let's just talk about this shall we?

Every episode seems to read like a stupid Public Service Announcement, and it usually involves a real-life current issue. Last week they were talking about a pornographic book called "50 Spices"... really? These past couple of weeks have also been about teenage hookers.

Let's talk about the amazing (#sarcasm) cast now..

You've got ole Amy Jergens and Ricky Underwood - who had a baby in high school and got engaged and have everyone thinking they get married... but they didn't really get married. Which is dumb. I just can't even.  Oh and best part... she got pregnant at band camp. Yep.
her hair is glorious though
Then you've got Grace, who is supposed to be a Christian but keeps "falling off the wagon", along with her jock boyfriend Jack, whose coach is trying to turn him into the Tebow of their college.

Then there's Adrienne who was an uber-slut. And now goes to college, oh so does Jack & Ricky - but they still hang around the same group of high school friends.. because that is what happens in TV land.

Oh, and Adrienne was once married to Ben because he got her pregnant, but she lost the baby. The same Ben that was in love with Amy when she was pregs with Ricky's baby. Ben's also pissed at his best friend Henry because he slept with Adrienne once and is also now trying to date Ben's current girlfriend Dylan, but Ben doesn't really care because he is still in love with Amy.

Did you get all that? Yeah me either.

Now they have a new pregnant characters (because that is apparently all that teenage girls do now - get pregnant) who is with Ricky's younger brother.

The parents are EVEN WORSE! They are like teenagers themselves, which is probably why their kids are so dumb.

So why do I watch it? I have no idea. I think I just want to see how worse it can get, and how damaged each of these kids is going to be.

Is anyone else addicted to this show?


  1. OH MY GOD you read my mind. I have about 6 episodes sitting on my DVR that I'm just saving for a sick day or something. This show has gone so downhill - the earlier seasons were so good! Now it's like all anyone does is whine, especially Amy. The material is just...meh. And where the EFF are they hiding Ashley?! She was gone forever and now she gets like 10 secs of screen time an episode.

    Also, I can't stand Ben. He looks like a string bean.

  2. I have been so ridiculously into this show, but I finally let it go a few weeks ago. Even though the other seasons have far fetching, I think this one has been the worst so far. I thought I was going to be sucked back into it, but I haven't missed it one bit.

  3. I am such a sucker for this show. IT IS the best trash tv show! I can't stay away, its bad

  4. Ok, I watch it too. I can't stand that I watch it, but I'm addicted. I haven't seen it the past few weeks but I never worry when I miss it because every episode is pretty much the same. Stupid ABC Family!