Thursday, August 30, 2012

miracles happen

I had the pleasure of witnessing a miracle last month and I forgot to blog about it.

I don't mean like a man getting up from his wheelchair and walking miracle (although I totally believe that  could happen if God saw fit) or a nice little superficial miracle like the Lilly Pulitzer store calling and telling me a mystery man had gone and bought me the entire stock (which would rock).

I mean just a little awesome miracle.

Josh's dad, Mr. Mike was over eating supper at our house one night and had been outside with Sawyer while Josh grilled some BBQ chicken. As I was opening the oven door (which was set at about 425 because I was roasting potatoes), Mr. Mike came inside and put Sawyer down who immediately came running over.

He then slapped his hands down on the oven door. And left them for a few seconds. 

It was like it happened in slow motion.

screamed, scooped him up and grabbed my cell phone - ready to call my folks and ask them if what I could do for the burns when I realized Sawyer wasn't screaming, or even crying. In fact he was looking at me like I was absolutely crazy.

His hands weren't burnt at all. 

By this time, Mr. Mike had heard me scream and come running to the oven to help and was amazed too. He opened the oven door and barely touched the inside before having to quickly withdraw his hand because it was so hot.

Miracle, folks. 

You may think, "yeah, sure. he must have just grabbed a cooler spot" - but I know what I saw.

I am so thankful for life's little miracles and that Sawbug wasn't hurt. And I praise God for that.


  1. thankgoodness!! An oven is hot all over so it truly is a miracle! my little nephew did that and he went to the ER! So happy for your little boy hes perfectly fine

  2. oh my gosh that is a serious miracle! I don't even want to imagine how bad that could've been for your poor baby!! What a little super hero!

  3. That is a wonderful miracle.