Thursday, August 2, 2012

Productive Weekend

Yes. It is indeed already Thursday and I am just now telling you about my weekend from LAST week. #mybad.

I posted last Thursday about how productive my Friday was going to be and how I had grand plans for getting lots of stuff done. Well.. it was pretty productive, but not as much as I wanted it to be.

On my to-do list for the day were the following things:

  • create a "floor cloth" with a tablecloth and polyurethane like I saw here

  • make a shelf for over my bed like this one

  • clean my nasty grout in my bathroom with a recipe I found a Pinterest

I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures (even crappier than usual) - all I had was my cell.

I started the day by dropping little man off at his Mimi's - because I definitely wouldn't have accomplished anything with him at home (love my kid, but he is quite mischievous) before popping over to Target & Hobby Lobby to get supplies for my tasks at hand.
ohh Hobby Lobby, I'm a slave to you.
Before I got started on the fun stuff, I decided to tackle the grout. Ya'll. Seriously. That stuff did not work.

See? Still gross. I think my old house is just too resilient to change.

Project #1 = Failure

Since the grout cleaning failed too actually work (it did however succeed in giving me a lovely ammonia-induced headache) - I decided to start my fun little bunting project.

1. Got some great fabric from Hobby Lobby (always on sale!) along with a pack of "Wonder Under" to make the fabric stiff instead of all flimsy hanging from the ribbon
2. Then cut it into triangles and ironed it onto the "Wonder Under" - see how cutely it matches my little table runner in the dining room?

then I just hot-glued the triangles to thick grosgrain ribbon, folding one half of  the ribbon on the front side of the triangle and one side on the back and hung it on window! For more detailed instructions (and MUCH better pictures) visit Ruthie's post.

Project #2 completed successfully.

Then I had to go grab Sawyer from Mimi's since she had to pack for her trip to Philly for a conference, luckily I had Dee as back-up, so she came over and watched him while I went to visit my personal carpenter (my Papa Dude) and discuss the shelf project

While I had plans of just grabbing Papa and my list and heading to Lowe's, Papa had other plans. He took one look at my list and realized he had a lot of the stuff I needed already in his workshop.. but he'd need some time to find it all. He's so tight resourceful!

So, he set to looking through that nasty pit he calls a barn and I went back home to paint/arrange my items for the shelf.

I was inspired by the look of the layers in this shelf, but new I wanted to arrange things differently.

4. (and yes, I did skip 3, shut up) I spray painted a dollar aisle candle stick holder from Target black, because of course they didn't have two black ones, only one black and one brown. I also painted a picture frame for my nightstand black while I had the paint out. I gave an old iron lamp the silver spray paint treatment along with a wooden letter "E" for the shelf. 

5. Finished lamp, just poked holes and threaded a black ribbon through a existing lamp shade, and I propped a picture frame up through on the lamp with part of wedding invitation stuck in front. 

6. I wrote "Edmondson" on the letter "E" for now until I can find the kind of fabric or paper I want to cover it in (black and white stripe that matches the under-side of our comforter)

I did layout how I want the stuff on the shelf once it is completed, I plan to "anchor" the ends of my shelf with some lanterns I got from ZGallerie for Christmas and the candlesticks from the dollar aisle at Target. Then I am filling the space in with some black, silver and white picture frames and some little knick-knacks like a little faux potted plant, bird figurine and a little turquoise spice jar (not pictured). 

Not only am I framing pictures, I found a great site, The Vintage Lemon, with a free printable of your state and hearts to put over your hometown. Here is mine:

and another site, For Chic Sake that had a fun "make your own monogram" printable, so I made one in blue and cut out and put in front of a black and white morracan tile scrapbook paper. 

Now all I need is to make the actual shelf to put everything on!

 Project #3, almost completed.

The floorcloth project was pretty easy. All I had to do was buy a tablecloth from Target, lay it out flat then paint over it a few times (letting it dry in between coats) with polyurethane. 

But... I was out of rolling brushes, so I had to make a quick trip to Lowe's on Saturday morning with Sawyer, who looked absolutely precious driving the little Lowe's car/cart.

So when I got back home, I laid out the cloth, painted and TA-DA a rug/floorcloth.

yes, the next project is definitely going to be to paint that kitchen island.
Project #4, DONE!

So, it was a pretty productive Friday/Saturday. However, I did manage to pull my back Sunday night getting Sawyer out of the tub which resulted in a Monday home from work on a heating pad and doped up on muscle relaxers... and a little bit of this at my parent's house:


  1. woah!! you were busy busy! love all of the crafting projects..I think you did such a good job!! Can't wait to see the shelf all put together :)

  2. Boy that was a productive weekend. Sorry the grout trick didn't work. And I am glad your back is feeling better.

  3. wait so that floor it stuck to the floor!??! so cute! and Love love love your buntings! dont they make you so happy