Friday, August 10, 2012

18 months

Sawyer Lang is 18 months old today! Even though it seems like he was just born.
Getting a bath at Mema's Tuesday night

Height - I'm not really sure? Guess we'll find out at his appointment today
Weight - only 24 lbs, he is moving so much he has only gained 3 lbs. in a year
Shoe Size - 6!
Clothes Size -  18m in almost everything except pants, he needs a 24m 

He adores singing and nodding his head to a beat - he is so funny at church standing down at the front head banging to "Jesus Loves Me", and adores the children's choir director Amy, whose name he calls constantly.

Sawyer has become quite the chatterbox. He loves to talk, and can say just about anything. He isn't really about making a sentence yet, but him being able to tell us what he wants/needs is great (versus us having to guess). He will say "juice" when he's thirsty, "eat" when he's hungry, name some of his favorite shows like "Dora" or "Einsteins" when he wants to watch them or "Soo Soos" when he wants to play with Sookie or is looking for her.

His favorite word? "Anmals" (no "i" sound). He is OBSESSED with animals. He loves to watch the Barnyard Animal DVD at my parents house so much that we had to buy one for our house and Josh's parents got one too.  He loves to read animal books and point at each animal making its sound and wants you to make them too. 

Check this video of his mad animal skills:

Yes, he is slightly obsessed with cows.

Speaking of words, he has started saying "pee pee" or "doo doo" (which I did not teach him) when ever he goes to the bathroom in his diaper. So a couple of weeks ago we pulled out his potty just to let him see it and associate it with the bathroom. So Sunday when he said pee pee he walked up to it, Josh opened it and pulled down his pants and TRIED to sit him down on the seat, Sawyer decided he was a big boy and needed to stand, so he stood right up and aimed and peed in the potty! We couldn't get over it. We aren't forcing it yet, but if he tells us "pee pee" we will take him over to it and let him go in it.

He has also become overly attached to his "pipe pipe" (pacifier) and "blankET" (he likes to put an emphasis on that "et" sound for some reason) lately, which I am little worried about, but we will fight that battle later.

Climbing has also become an issue. He loves to get on the rails of his bed when they're folded down and use them to climb onto the bed.

Drink - we have finally gotten him to drink Milk, but only organic and with strawberry syrup (yes, he's a strange baby), but he loves water and "Mots for Tots" juice. He loves drinking out of a straw but tries to be a big boy with regular cups too (lots of spills)

Food - still those nasty Meat Sticks, but he does love a scrambled or boiled egg and most fruits

Toy - his little world with the animals inside it that Mrs. Vivian brought him back from NY from FAO Schwarz and he loves it.
And his little people barn with the "anmals"

Book - ANYTHING with animals and big pictures

Activity - Whether it's the bathtub or the pool, this baby adores the water. He loves to float around, blow bubbles and SPLASH.
The sandbox is his other favorite place to play - however you have to watch him, apparently sand is tastier than it looks.

I can't believe the big guy is getting so grown-y and such a personality, love him more than words. 


  1. So cute! My middle nephew learned to talk and hasn't quit. I loved my little people farm too.

  2. sawyer is absolutely adorable!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  3. Aww!! Jay is the same way with his milk - he will not drink it plain but add some strawberry syrup (or order chocolate milk while out) and he'll drink it all!