Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've been feeling a little scrooge-y lately. Not that I haven't enjoyed crafting for Christmas and thinking of fun gifts to give my friends & family (and coming up with items I want to add to my list too), but I just haven't really been looking forward to actual Christmas.

Why, you ask?

Because we run around like crazy people on Christmas day.

We jump back and forth from family to family, fitting in breakfast at one set of parents' house, lunch with my Mema, dinner here, presents there... it is exhausting.

But then I remind myself... what an amazing "problem" to have.

We might have to pull our little man away from his fresh toys that he is so excited to open mere minutes after he has unwrapped them so we can hit the road to make sure we spend an equal amount with both sides of the family, leaving our house around 7am and getting home around 9pm. But at least we have family to visit.

We are surrounded by so much love and are so gracious to live within 20 minutes of our family.

We both have both of our parents.

We have grandparents, we might not have a full set between us, but we love the ones we have.

We have cousins, man do we have cousins.

I have no reason to be a scrooge, grinch, or cranky person.

What a blessing to have this "problem".

Monday, November 25, 2013

lit rag garland (aka most time-consuming craft, ever)

I saw a cute burlap and red "rag" garland on Pinterest from this blog and decided I had to make one this year since I am re-doing my Christmas decorations.

...however I did not realize how time consuming and long it would take to make! Sure, I chose an extra long string of lights since I am going to use it on my tree and yes I am OCD and therefore measured out each little rag I cut, but still woof did it take forever. But, I am so pleased with how it turned out!

2.5 yards of red fabric
2.5 yards of burlap
string of lights

1. If you are like me and are more than a little obsessive about things being all the same lengths and widths, measure out how long and wide you want your strips. I decided I wanted mine to be 3.75 inches thick and about 8 inches long (there's a that's what she said in there somewhere). So I got to cutting. 

2. Once I cut my rags (I cut a TON, the picture above is from just the first strip of fabric), I started tying them onto my string of lights. I alternated the colors as I went and would stop every once in awhile to cut some more so it wouldn't get so boring.

side effect of using burlap? Your pants and couch and everything else around you gets covered in little frayed pieces
3. Plug in your garland and enjoy the effect! I plan on putting mine on my Christmas tree, but I think they would be gorgeous elsewhere too!

Friday, November 15, 2013

I dip, you dip, we dip.

I love to shake my booty (and also wiggle, grind and all those other fun "dance" verbs). And there are days when I ponder what it would be like to dress up in my slutty best and go downtown to shake it like I just don't care. But now most dancing I get to do is limited to good wedding receptions or bachelorette parties.
I am usually the bridesmaid that can't be found for important things like pictures and such because she is wiggling too hard on the dance floor.
Exhibit A:
Or sometimes the bride who has barely noticed that her flowers (and guests) are wilting in the 102 degree heat because she is busy expressing herself on the dance floor... even with a knee brace.
by Fresh Photography
Thankfully, I enjoy finding an excuse to dance. Good tailgate music, spontaneous concerts in the living room with Sawyer, and even "hey we *insert some sort of task here* let's go celebrate that we survived that" girls nights (which totally needs to happen soon). 
also, apparently my  signature "dance face" involves my mouth being wide open....
Which makes me wonder, where did this love for grooving come from? Maybe middle school dances when I realized, oh hey, I got rhythm. 
My favorite song of choice to dance to in middle school?
If me and my friends only realized how dirty this song was back then....

I am linking up for #backthatazzup Friday!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

hospitals and homecoming

this weekend was a doozy.

My child spent most of Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday with a crazy fever that wouldn't respond to medicine and a crazy stomach pain that would come and go and leave him stuttering and breathless.

Needless to say, we made several visits to the emergency room and finally to the hospital.

Friday, after a long stay at the emergency room with fears that Sawyer had intussusception again, like he did last December (read about that here), nothing "wrong" could be found. We had an x-ray, an ultra sound, a urinalysis, everything, but after several hours, we were sent home with nothing.

thank goodness for the iPad keeping him entertained while we waited (and for a great nurse who made that balloon creature for him)

Since he seemed to be on the mend, Josh and I joined our tailgate crew for our homecoming game.

Pirate ladies at the homecoming parade 
please note that me & Dee are bundled up but Josh is wearing a short sleeve shirt... and ridiculous glasses he got for free from one of the vendors in the parking lot. bless him.

We had a great time at the tailgate, which may have involved us all twerking to Miley Cyrus at some point.... thankfully there is no photo evidence.

However, before the second quarter of the game, we got a call from Josh's parents saying that while Sawyer was on longer screaming with his belly, he had a fever of 104 that would NOT go away. Despite taking Tylenol and Advil around the clock, it wouldn't budge below 102. So, we jumped in the car and met them once again at the emergency room. This visit was also unproductive. They still couldn't find anything "wrong" with the Bug and made us stay until they got the fever under control before sending us home with an antibiotic for a possible ear infection (which later turned out to not be infected).

Sunday morning, Sawyer woke up again screaming which his belly. Grunting, moaning, drawing himself into a ball just breaking my heart all to bits. So, we called our pediatrician on call and he had us go to the after hours clinic where they noticed how high Sawyer's white blood cell count was and finally decided to admit us to the hospital for observation.

Once he was hooked up to the monitors, we sat and watched his little numbers go crazy every time he had a "tummy attack". He was super dehydrated from the fever and got fluids immediately and slowly started to calm down. The belly pain subsided, he perked up and even requested a doughnut Monday morning.

But still no answers. He tested positive for the rhinovirus (but hey, it's allergy season, who doesn't test positive for the common cold?) and they decided maybe he possibly had some swollen lymph nodes in his belly that were making him hurt... but that badly? He also had some weird bacteria in his urine (which we still don't have results for) so maybe a UTI was causing the pain?!

We were discharged Monday afternoon with no meds and truly no diagnoses. But all we cared about was that Sawyer was out of pain and back to his usual self. Our little mystery child.

Side note: I don't know what we would have done without Josh's parents on Monday. They took Sawyer home with them Monday so we could get some rest and we napped for 3 solid hours, the hospital is no place for sleep.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

what would I do without you

I first heard this song, "What Would I Do Without You" by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors on How I Met Your Mother and immediately had to find out who sang it. Listen to it, read the lyrics and just feel all the feels.

Sometimes I wake up with the sadness
Other days it feels like madness
Oh…what would I do without you?

When colours turn to shades of grey
With the weight of the world at the end of the day
Oh…what would I do without you?

A decade goes by without a warning
And there’s still a kindness in your eyes
Amidst the questions and the worries
A peace of mind, always takes me by surprise.

I feel like I’m walking with eyes as blind
As a man without a lantern in a coal mine
Oh…what would I do without you?

My imagination gets the best of me
And I’m trying to hide lost at sea
Oh…what would I do without you?

The difference between what I've said and done
And you’re still standing by my side
A guilty soul and a worried mind
I will never make it, if I’m on my own

So you’ve got the morning, I’ve got midnight
You are patient, I’m always on time
Oh…what would I do without you?

You’ve got your sunshine, I’ve got rainclouds
You’ve got hope, I’ve got my doubts

Oh…what would I do without you?
Oh…what would I do without you?
Oh…what would I do without you?

What Would I Do Without You by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors on Grooveshark

It makes me think, where would I be without my best friend, soul mate and the man that God picked especially for me. I feel so blessed to call Joshua my husband and he truly is the lighthouse that guides me home and the anchor that keeps me grounded.

And because this was all so mushy. Here is a wonderful shot of my husband ignoring my romance.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I am linking up with Alyssa @ Two-Thirds Scarlett for Ten on Tuesday!

Prepare yourself, this is an exceptionally random post.

1. Josh and I have already made a dent in our Christmas shopping and I am more than excited about it. Pinterest has really helped this process because now I just pin things to a "Sawyer's Christmas" board versus trying to keep track of a Christmas list. I also use Pinterest to pin things I want (and Josh & Sawyer too) for my parents and in-laws so they don't have to keep track of a list either.

2. I have become obsessed with Mad Men. Like, for real obsessed. To the point that I told my husband he looked "swell" yesterday. I think it mainly because I want to be Joan.
isn't she just all kinds of curvy perfection!?
3. Speaking of Pinterest and Christmas... I think I have decided to re-do all my Christmas stuff this year. I have a lot of leftover burlap from the shower we threw for Shannon (read about that here) and I sort of hated the ribbon and stuff I used last year (since I kind of threw something together after only living in the "new house" for 2 months). So this year I think I am going with a rustic look with white, burlap and red.

last year's decorations
plans for this year's decorations

4. This. Make up your mind weather, make up your mind.

5. Thanksgiving Break can't come soon enough. I came into my office right in the midst of a very busy time for the college and while I absolutely adore my new job I am ready for a nice few days at home!

6. I am so excited about homecoming this weekend at East Carolina University! Our theme this year is "Shipwrecked in Pirate Nation".

7.  I stumbled upon a "Where are they Know" list on BuzzFeed featuring the cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and was horrified to find that my favorite character from the show, Harvey (played by Nate Richert) now looks like this:

8. I have been really into American Horror Story: Coven. This is the first season that hasn't scared the bee-jeezus out of me  but has amazing writing and the best one liners from Jessica Lange that I've ever heard.

9. Does anyone remember these books? I found an entire stack of these last week and I was so excited.... then I read them and had to ask myself where I liked them in the first place. Obviously pre-teen me hadn't developed taste yet. Although if you think about it, Amelia was basically a blogger.

10. And just because this post needs more fun, I present a video of Sawyer trying to sing the ECU fight song. You're welcome.

Monday, November 4, 2013

knights & surgeries

This Halloween Sawyer knew exactly what he wanted to be. Mike the Knight, his favorite cartoon character ever. So there was no crafty, fun, ironic costume decisions to be made this year because Sir Sawbug was set on being a knight.

Luckily, we already had the Mike the Knight sword and shield, so after a quick trip to Toys R Us for the costume, we were ready for Halloween.

And then my son did the cutest post ever....

It took me awhile to convince Sawyer that although he had a sword, he was not to use it because Mike the Knight is a good guy.... this did not impress him. His exact words were "but mommy, it's a weapon." Watch out world. 

We had already had some Halloween fun at church on the Saturday before Halloween so on Thursday night we just visited our family trick-or-treating and hit up our church's trunk or treat. 

Friday I had to take off work so I could take Sawyer to two different doctor appointments. One for a consult on getting a second set of tubes in his ears and one to check out a little rash he had above his eye.

Sawyer had tubes put in his ears in March 2012 and it was the best thing we've ever done. He was ear infection free until they fell out around December 2012. Sadly, the ear infections have started again, some so bad that his ear drum as been on the verge of rupture. So when I went to the surgeon Friday he said he would not only like to put in more tubes but also take out little man's adenoids as well. His surgery will be November 18.

After waiting in the doctor's office for more than an hour at his second appointment, Sawyer was super restless so we filled our time with making silly faces. So I leave you with this beautiful image....