Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I am linking up with Alyssa @ Two-Thirds Scarlett for Ten on Tuesday!

Prepare yourself, this is an exceptionally random post.

1. Josh and I have already made a dent in our Christmas shopping and I am more than excited about it. Pinterest has really helped this process because now I just pin things to a "Sawyer's Christmas" board versus trying to keep track of a Christmas list. I also use Pinterest to pin things I want (and Josh & Sawyer too) for my parents and in-laws so they don't have to keep track of a list either.

2. I have become obsessed with Mad Men. Like, for real obsessed. To the point that I told my husband he looked "swell" yesterday. I think it mainly because I want to be Joan.
isn't she just all kinds of curvy perfection!?
3. Speaking of Pinterest and Christmas... I think I have decided to re-do all my Christmas stuff this year. I have a lot of leftover burlap from the shower we threw for Shannon (read about that here) and I sort of hated the ribbon and stuff I used last year (since I kind of threw something together after only living in the "new house" for 2 months). So this year I think I am going with a rustic look with white, burlap and red.

last year's decorations
plans for this year's decorations

4. This. Make up your mind weather, make up your mind.

5. Thanksgiving Break can't come soon enough. I came into my office right in the midst of a very busy time for the college and while I absolutely adore my new job I am ready for a nice few days at home!

6. I am so excited about homecoming this weekend at East Carolina University! Our theme this year is "Shipwrecked in Pirate Nation".

7.  I stumbled upon a "Where are they Know" list on BuzzFeed featuring the cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and was horrified to find that my favorite character from the show, Harvey (played by Nate Richert) now looks like this:

8. I have been really into American Horror Story: Coven. This is the first season that hasn't scared the bee-jeezus out of me  but has amazing writing and the best one liners from Jessica Lange that I've ever heard.

9. Does anyone remember these books? I found an entire stack of these last week and I was so excited.... then I read them and had to ask myself where I liked them in the first place. Obviously pre-teen me hadn't developed taste yet. Although if you think about it, Amelia was basically a blogger.

10. And just because this post needs more fun, I present a video of Sawyer trying to sing the ECU fight song. You're welcome.


  1. Oh my goodness..I read so many of those Amelia books! I absolutely loved them as a kid. Maybe I will pick one up at the library and read it again...I am sure I will get lots of laughs out of it!

  2. I remember Amelia's Notebook! Oh well, I liked a lot of things back then that now make me shudder. I guess there's no accounting for pre-teen tastes. :D

  3. This NC weather has been driving me crazy! Lovin' the ECU homecoming theme, here at UNC we are starting our homecoming week now. I can't begin to express how many hours I spent with those Amelia books, I thought they were so cool. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. 1. That's a good idea!
    2. Who WOULDN'T want to be Joan?
    4. I'm ready for it get cold and STAY cold! Which could be after tonight! We're getting a cold front so hopefully after that it will just stay below 60.
    7. What?! Get out of town. Pretty sweet mustache though.
    8. I love this season too! I still think the 1st one was the best though. Sooo creepy.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love some AHS! This is the first season I've watched, I need to check out the past 2 seasons on Netflix. Funny story, I took my daughter trick or treating and she walked up to a man dressed as a pirate. Instead of saying "trick or treat" she yelled to him "WE ARE THE PIRATES OF ECU"! I was so proud lol.

  6. I can't believe how Harvey looks either. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the decorations.