Friday, November 15, 2013

I dip, you dip, we dip.

I love to shake my booty (and also wiggle, grind and all those other fun "dance" verbs). And there are days when I ponder what it would be like to dress up in my slutty best and go downtown to shake it like I just don't care. But now most dancing I get to do is limited to good wedding receptions or bachelorette parties.
I am usually the bridesmaid that can't be found for important things like pictures and such because she is wiggling too hard on the dance floor.
Exhibit A:
Or sometimes the bride who has barely noticed that her flowers (and guests) are wilting in the 102 degree heat because she is busy expressing herself on the dance floor... even with a knee brace.
by Fresh Photography
Thankfully, I enjoy finding an excuse to dance. Good tailgate music, spontaneous concerts in the living room with Sawyer, and even "hey we *insert some sort of task here* let's go celebrate that we survived that" girls nights (which totally needs to happen soon). 
also, apparently my  signature "dance face" involves my mouth being wide open....
Which makes me wonder, where did this love for grooving come from? Maybe middle school dances when I realized, oh hey, I got rhythm. 
My favorite song of choice to dance to in middle school?
If me and my friends only realized how dirty this song was back then....

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