Thursday, November 14, 2013

hospitals and homecoming

this weekend was a doozy.

My child spent most of Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday with a crazy fever that wouldn't respond to medicine and a crazy stomach pain that would come and go and leave him stuttering and breathless.

Needless to say, we made several visits to the emergency room and finally to the hospital.

Friday, after a long stay at the emergency room with fears that Sawyer had intussusception again, like he did last December (read about that here), nothing "wrong" could be found. We had an x-ray, an ultra sound, a urinalysis, everything, but after several hours, we were sent home with nothing.

thank goodness for the iPad keeping him entertained while we waited (and for a great nurse who made that balloon creature for him)

Since he seemed to be on the mend, Josh and I joined our tailgate crew for our homecoming game.

Pirate ladies at the homecoming parade 
please note that me & Dee are bundled up but Josh is wearing a short sleeve shirt... and ridiculous glasses he got for free from one of the vendors in the parking lot. bless him.

We had a great time at the tailgate, which may have involved us all twerking to Miley Cyrus at some point.... thankfully there is no photo evidence.

However, before the second quarter of the game, we got a call from Josh's parents saying that while Sawyer was on longer screaming with his belly, he had a fever of 104 that would NOT go away. Despite taking Tylenol and Advil around the clock, it wouldn't budge below 102. So, we jumped in the car and met them once again at the emergency room. This visit was also unproductive. They still couldn't find anything "wrong" with the Bug and made us stay until they got the fever under control before sending us home with an antibiotic for a possible ear infection (which later turned out to not be infected).

Sunday morning, Sawyer woke up again screaming which his belly. Grunting, moaning, drawing himself into a ball just breaking my heart all to bits. So, we called our pediatrician on call and he had us go to the after hours clinic where they noticed how high Sawyer's white blood cell count was and finally decided to admit us to the hospital for observation.

Once he was hooked up to the monitors, we sat and watched his little numbers go crazy every time he had a "tummy attack". He was super dehydrated from the fever and got fluids immediately and slowly started to calm down. The belly pain subsided, he perked up and even requested a doughnut Monday morning.

But still no answers. He tested positive for the rhinovirus (but hey, it's allergy season, who doesn't test positive for the common cold?) and they decided maybe he possibly had some swollen lymph nodes in his belly that were making him hurt... but that badly? He also had some weird bacteria in his urine (which we still don't have results for) so maybe a UTI was causing the pain?!

We were discharged Monday afternoon with no meds and truly no diagnoses. But all we cared about was that Sawyer was out of pain and back to his usual self. Our little mystery child.

Side note: I don't know what we would have done without Josh's parents on Monday. They took Sawyer home with them Monday so we could get some rest and we napped for 3 solid hours, the hospital is no place for sleep.


  1. Poor little guy. Is it horrible that all I could think about while reading this post was "The hospital billlsssssssss!!!"?? I went to the ER for the first (and hopefully last) time last year and almost died when I got the multiple bills. Here's to hoping you have REALLY awesome insurance. :/

  2. Poor baby. I hope he is better