Monday, November 25, 2013

lit rag garland (aka most time-consuming craft, ever)

I saw a cute burlap and red "rag" garland on Pinterest from this blog and decided I had to make one this year since I am re-doing my Christmas decorations.

...however I did not realize how time consuming and long it would take to make! Sure, I chose an extra long string of lights since I am going to use it on my tree and yes I am OCD and therefore measured out each little rag I cut, but still woof did it take forever. But, I am so pleased with how it turned out!

2.5 yards of red fabric
2.5 yards of burlap
string of lights

1. If you are like me and are more than a little obsessive about things being all the same lengths and widths, measure out how long and wide you want your strips. I decided I wanted mine to be 3.75 inches thick and about 8 inches long (there's a that's what she said in there somewhere). So I got to cutting. 

2. Once I cut my rags (I cut a TON, the picture above is from just the first strip of fabric), I started tying them onto my string of lights. I alternated the colors as I went and would stop every once in awhile to cut some more so it wouldn't get so boring.

side effect of using burlap? Your pants and couch and everything else around you gets covered in little frayed pieces
3. Plug in your garland and enjoy the effect! I plan on putting mine on my Christmas tree, but I think they would be gorgeous elsewhere too!


  1. Hahaha I am going to the store during lunch to get the supplies for this! My sister in law did it and I have to copy. I was thinking of using ribbon…I too am OCD and would have to measure every last bit!

  2. That's really cute! Though I'm sure it took forever, your handiwork is beautiful!

  3. So cute. You have got some patience girl!! I love burlap for Christmas decorations and can't wait to see everything decorated.

  4. This is so cute! I'm obsessed with burlap this year!