Friday, May 27, 2011

hi-ya strangers

well hi there.
it's been a LOOONNNGGG week with me having to proctor EOG's Tues-Thurs so I am so, so glad to not only see Friday get there, but to also have time to post again!
And since I haven't been able to do so all week, I am going to skip out on my usual fashion post in favor of talking about something very, very important...
What the eff in the WORLD is wrong with our middle school-ers now-a days!?
I realize that makes me sound like an old fart, but seriously they are crazy.
Apparently lots and lots of things have changed since I was in middle school (you know back when we had to walk 8 miles in the snow, up-hill both ways?). 
Here are a few major changes I noticed.

1) Apparently teachers/administrators no longer care about cell phone usage. 
I remember getting my phone taken away if it buzzed in class, or even lunch or if it was even seen by a teacher or school employee. Now, the teachers know the kids have them so during EOG's we had to go around and collect the phones and then lock them in the cabinet. Then, when they got them back they were openly texting, f-booking and tweeting. It's crazy. I guess the administration has just decided to pick its battles.
On a sidenote - some of these kids had nicer phones than me. No fair.

2) When did kids become political?
Apparently kids think they now know something about politics. And of course... all of them were for Obama. Now, political opinion aside - the below picture is ridiculous, no matter which president's face would be on there.
Yes. that is really Obama's face on a belt.

3) They have a lot more balls gumption than I did when I was their age
These eighth graders gave me pick-up lines I had never head before - and did it with confidence. 

4) Apparently 8th grade sports are as big as MLB, NFL and NBA...
When I played sports in middle school we got a uniform (that we had to return) and maybe a t-shirt that we paid for with our own money... now these kids have full on sweat suits with their names on the back and tons of t-shirts with their team's name and sport they play on it. They looked like miniature paid athletes. 
5) Gum is okay.
Do you remember when you were in school and gum was a crime subject to capital punishment? I mean a teacher caught you chewing gum and you were in trooouuble. But now? Perfectly okay.

6) Apparently the cafeteria food is filled with fertilizer...
Kids are ginormous! I don't mean fat (however a few of them are that too), they're crazy tall. I am 5'9 and I had to look up at some of these giant teenagers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

EOGs = No posts

Sorry ya'll, I have to proctor for the wonderful End of Grade Tests so I probably won't be blogging tomorrow through Thursday.

Lazy Weekend

... I wish I was as awesome as Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell so I could start rapping/singing about my Lazy Weekend (like the do in Lazy Sunday), but I guess I'll just settle for a brief description and some photos...

Saturday I did of lot of sleeping in this...

and only got dumped on the ground by the chocolate beast once or twice

Then Sunday (after church and lunch at Mema Dean's), I went to T.Hall and watched my husband clean his grandma and grandaddy's pool while I sat in the gazebo with the rest of the family.

yay for Josh's little brother coming home for the hospital! (that's him sitting next to Mrs. Ethel, Josh's g*ma)
Sawyer was very happy to be practically naked outside, sitting in his Mimi's lap (Josh's mom)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashionable Friday: Sawyer Style

The weather is getting so hot so I have GOT to get ole Saw-bug some summer duds! I am loving the things below - just not their price tags (which I haven't even listed so I won't get fussed at by my husband if he were to read this)

... and so his daddy doesn't get me for "dressing him like a girl":
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

Thursday, May 19, 2011

down in the dumps

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps lately - and before you say anything, no I do not have the "baby blues" (aka postpartum depression), trust me I already take Zoloft and I know what depression feels like.
I think I've been feeling so yucky lately because I have been so BUSY I haven't really had time to just relax!
First of all, as soon as I came back from maternity leave it was time for Artsplosion 2011 (a four day Arts fest put on by my department - aka just me) so I hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.
yep, I made that.
May is such a busy time for the school system between year-end events like graduations, award ceremonies and scholarship stuff on top of incidents like the bus fire and our Board of Education sponsored events like the Gold Key ceremony.
made that too...
Then I had Relay for Life which requires me to manage 15 sub-coordinators from each our schools then put all of our efforts together to make the big campsite for the actual Relay event.
our theme was "Baking up a Cure" - I painted that kitchen backdrop the DAY BEFORE and added the 3-D things (paper towel holder, oven mitt, utensils, clock, curtains) THAT DAY
Now that Relay is over I have to jump right into planning our annual retirement banquet and we have 40 retirees.

So needless to say I am busy at work, all while taking care of my little man and trying to be a good wife and daughter/daughter-in-law.

Also Josh's little brother Jordan is in the hospital struggling with his ulcerative colitis - so keep him in your prayers please - he's been there for a week.
Jordan in his cap and gown after his HS graduation in 2008
The worst part of me feeling poopy? Everyone keeps telling me I should be happy because I am lucky to still have a job. No duh. I know just how lucky I am to still be employed but that doesn't mean I can't have a pity party every now and again or that things still aren't crappy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Target Tuesday: Perfect Patio

I'm joining Tara over at fabulous but evil in Target Tuesday!

My patio at home is so naked (mainly because the chocolate beast, Sookie, destroyed our patio furniture and cushions... and everything else we've ever put out there), but I really, really want something out there.
Here are some amazing items at Target that I've been drooling over (which Sookie probably would too).

So I need this sectional piece to really separate the patio from the rest of the yard... even if it does cost $1,097 all together....
Target Home Rolston Wicker Patio Sectional Sofa Collection (5 pieces from $299 to $399)

And if I get the sectional then I obviously need at least one more chair and a table to match...
Target Home Rolston Wicker Patio Coffee Table - $99

Target Home Rolston 2-Piece Wicker Patio Chairs - $349

And throw pillows too!

Home Outdoor 2-piece Toss Pillow Set - Green Botanical $24.99

I die over this umbrella that doesn't put a giant pole in the middle of a furniture set that you have to walk and talk around. My husband would probably die over this umbrella too, but for an entirely different reason - its $349 price tag.
Outdoor Patio 10' Belmont Green Cantilever/Offset Umbrella 
And for those cooler summer nights? A fire pit is a must (I may or may not be a s'mores addict). I like this one because it also has a little "mini fire pit" that comes with it! Only $80.44.
Home Stainless Steel Fire Bowl with Bonus Mini Fire Bowl Gel Burner - 30"
And so that Sookie would have a friend, how about this precious puppy planter
Buddy the Lab, Dog Metal Planter - $39.99
To bad my budget for outdoor decor is hovering around $0 right now.