Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: New Office means new accesories!

I got so jealous when I read Miss Pink Lou Lou's post about her nifty new office decor, but then I remembered that I too am about to get a new office!
With my boss leaving June 30th - I will get to move from my office into hers, which has a window, book shelves and an actual door that shuts (whereas my current office has a doorway sans door)! So I have an excuse to buy some new decorations and I will be hittin' up Lifeguard Press (and a few others places) for some Lilly lovelies and other necessary accessories. I don't think Joshua will see a new office as a viable excuse for buying things, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. *wink*

Lifeguard Press - Lilly Pulitzer magnetic board
Lifeguard Press -  Lilly Pulitzer Note cube with pen
Lifeguard Press -Lilly Pulitzer highlighters
Lifeguard Press - Lilly Pulitzer pencils
Etsy - See You Later Ally Gator clipboard
Lifeguard Press - Buy Local Patch frame
The Pink Giraffe - Monogrammed Clock


  1. The monogrammed clock - I want! Can you choose your colors?!

  2. Yeah, they've got them at The Pink Giraffe and The Pink Monogram.