Monday, May 9, 2011

pirates lost at sea... the baby bedding saga continues

I told yall back in December about the precious crib bedding Josh and I had chosen for our son Sawyer and how it was back-ordered literally everywhere.

We ordered the Cotton Tale Designs Pirates Cove bedding in November 2010 and were told we wouldn't get it until January, I figured this would be fine since Sawyer wasn't due until Feb. 26th.

So, we went ahead and ordered all the accessories that would go with the bedding - the lamp, the hamper and the mobile and also painted the room to go with the colors of the bedding.

Well Sawyer was born early on Feb. 10 and I called to check the progress of the bedding only to be told it would be early March before I would receive it. Again, I thought it would be okay since I knew he wouldn't be sleeping in his crib until he was around 6 mo. old probably (he currently sleeps in his pack-n-play right next to my bed).

Then the lady emailed me, suggesting a different Pirate baby bedding called "Treasure's Cove". I ncely informed the  lady that we'd already ordered all the accessories for the other bedding and she could suck it (not really, but I wanted to). She then proceeded to tell me that Cotton Tale Designs released a statement saying the bedding is now back-ordered until June.
this is not the bedding we want.

This time I wasn't so nice. I not-so-nicely informed her that she needed to give me a full refund and that I can not even fathom how an effin' crib set could take so long to manufacture.

So, Sawyer's crib is still sporting the neutral colored sheets & bumper and doesn't have a quilt or bed skirt. I got lucky one day and found the Pirate's Cove bedding on Ebay, but lost the auction since my stupid Bberry froze while I was trying to bid.

Sawyer, who is now 2 mo. and 3 weeks old, has a room decked out in Pirate's Cove gear but an empty crib. Not. Happy.

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  1. Wow! That sucks. I hope you can can find some that is solid to go with the accessories y'all already bought. That second one is no where as cute