Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coulda, shoulda, woulda... (warning: long post)

I am being a copy-cat and stealing a post topic from Tara over at fabulous but evil.

While I loved certain parts of my wedding, there are other parts that I would definitely change, you know nothing dramatic, just the color scheme, decorations, my dress, the b*maid dresses, the flowers and the atmosphere of my reception... okay maybe that is a lot of things. I would keep the groom and location at least, and most of the wedding party.

Color Scheme
I chose a baby blue and white for my wedding colors because my church has red floors and yellow pews and I could think of no other colors that wouldn't completely clash. I wish I had chosen greens and tans/browns instead so I could have used cotton and burlap and other organic looking, southern things in my decor - because not that may pictures were taken at the church anyway.

If I had used the broader color scheme pictured above, it would have been easy to use decor like that pictured below (from Green Wedding Shoes, photographed by Jasmine at Jasmine-Star.com) . I love how the wedding looked with the cotton bowls inside jars tied with twine and using branches and burlap on tables.

With that decor, I could have used cotton bowls for boutonni√®res and then had cotton worked into my white and green bouquet as well.  The beautiful hydrangeas I chose for my wedding died in the heat and were withered before the reception even started. I love how the arrangement below (also taken from Green Wedding Shoes) looks so effortless but eloquent.

I loved my dress at the time, but I look back on it and wish that I had a dress that was simple but elegant. I adore the below dresses from J.Crew and I have no idea how I would have chosen between them if given the choice.
Chiffon Augusta Gown - $995
Principessa Gown - $1,950
I would have chosen another dress for my bridesmaids too, probably the one below from J.Crew.
Silk Chiffon Evie Dress - $195

Other changes I would make include the time of day of the wedding & reception (it was about a million degrees) and the atmosphere of the reception (if later in the day, could have had soft lighting and a nice ambiance).

But all in all, I still married a wonderful man, was married by the same preacher that married my parents (and is a wonderful family friend) and had a great day (probably due to the amount of Vicodin in my system because of my knee pain).


  1. ok, i've never seen cotton used in wedding decor like that, but it looks so cool!

  2. PS: J Crew dresses only look good on stick thin models. I ordered several for my wedding hoping one would work... NOPE! So you probably did the right thing by getting your dress :)

  3. what wonderful ideas. I have never even dreamed about my wedding. But now I think I know what I would want.