Thursday, May 12, 2011

the bus, the bus, the bus is on fiyah

(btw "fi-yah" = cool way of saying "fire")

Yesterday one of our school buses had a short in its emergency light (on top of the bus) and CAUGHT ON FIRE, with children inside.

(taken from the video at WTVD)
First off, let me explain that almost all the people east of I-95 in North Carolina had to smell smoke, deal with itchy, burning eyes and try to see through the haze that has settled in Eastern NC because of the wildfires burning in Hyde County.

So, when a bus full of children that were on their way to school yesterday morning smelled smoke the bus driver could have just said "EVERYTHING smells like smoke, ya'll pipe down back there.", but instead she took them seriously, pulled over and assessed the situation.

Turns out, the top of the bus was on fire.

Mrs. Penny (the driver) immediately counted and re-counted her riders to make sure she had everyone then went back on the fire-y bus to make sure she had everyone and all their belongings.

Seconds later the entire bus was in flames.

You have to look at this video taken by a person that lived in the neighborhood

Here are some pictures I snapped of the bus, I can't believe it.
the windows are all gone - MELTED!!

those droopy metal things by the mirrors? they are the remnants of the mirror casings.

You can see more about this story at our local (and a few not so local) news stations (links below).
WRAL coverage
Washington Post coverage
MSNBC coverage

So glad that nobody was hurt and so proud that Penny Cooper is an ECPS employee.


  1. ohhh my goodness! so glad everyone is okay..those pictures are crazy!!

  2. I am glad the bus driver got everyone off safely.