Thursday, May 30, 2013


Saturday I decided I need some sunshine and since Josh's parents had called wanting to see Sawyer for awhile since they were heading out of town Sunday & Monday, I set up the hammock, grabbed my kindle and prepared for a little time in sun (even though it was a little chillly and windy).

see the need for sunshine?
I apparently fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later (thanks to Sookie, who dumped me out of the hammock) and had no idea that I had been burnt thanks to the lovely breeze...

.... until I looked in the mirror and saw this:

and after slathering all over in aloe, my legs still look like this:

uneven tan lines anyone?

The rings around my neck are the best, apparently I fell asleep with my chin(s) resting on my chest, off to one side. Good times folks, good times.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I am currently buried under a pile of gold glitter, black ribbon, 12 lbs. of paper work and a gallon of aloe (note to self: falling asleep for two hours in the hammock is never a good idea). Promise to dig my way out once this banquet is over tomorrow night! In the meantime here is my life right now summed up in pictures:

working on my program script
re-doing my centerpiece plan since my table number changed
practicing the centerpieces so I can set them up tomorrow night

and again...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY: Glitter Mason Jars

I am linking up again with the beautiful ladies at Keep Calm & Carry On (who is enjoying a lovely b*day vacation right now) and Beautiful Mess for "Saw it, Pinned it, Did it"!

As I posted last week, I am in charge of coordinating our annual retirement banquet for the school system and this year I intend on incorporating lots of mason jars into the decor! Here were my inspiration pins for my glitter, gold & striped mason jars:


I decided to create three different kinds of jars, solid gold, glitter striped and glitter dipped.

For the solid gold, all you need is gold spray paint and jars...

.... but here is what you need for the glitter-ized jars:
Spray Glue
Flat-edged brush
Double-sided sticky tape
Masking/Painters Tape

1. Using the painters tape (or really bad masking tape, like mine), line up the tape on the jar to cover the part you do not want to get glitter and glue on. 

2. Spray the bottom part of the jar that you want to be glitter-ized with the spray adhesive (be mindful that that mess will get EVERYWHERE, so do so over a trash-can or somewhere you don't mind getting a little sticky). 

3. Pour glitter onto a flat surface (I used a piece of cardboard) and roll your jar around in the glitter, concentrating on your glued area.

4. Remove the tape, shake off excess and admire your work.

1. Wrap your jar with the sticky-tape, placing the tape where you want your "stripes". 
(sorry I know that is super hard to see)

2. Roll the jar around in your glitter area and also sprinkle on the jar as you roll to make sure you got lots of coverage.

3. Shake off excess, then using the flat-edge brush, scrape the glitter between the stripes off. I actually "pushed" the brush across the areas I didn't want glitter and it cleaned up pretty easily.

4. Once again, admire your work!

By the end of the day I was covered in glitter (it truly is the herpes of craft supplies), but I used the taped stripe method on candles as well and dipped/striped several other jars. I plan on using the jars as vases, grouping them together with ribbon and lots of other things on my tables for the banquet. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

happy birthday Joshua.

As I said yesterday, my husband Josh turned 28 on May 19.

This birthday was the 8th we have celebrated together, and I feel so blessed that God put such an amazing man in my life back in 2005.
second birthday we ever celebrated together, his 22nd.
When I first started dating Josh I fought how much I loved him. Here I was falling in love with someone from Edgecombe County when I was about to go to UNC-Wilmington, I didn't want to be "tied down" when I went to college. I wanted to have that whole college experience, not be in a relationship with a guy from home.

But, Josh was exactly what I needed (and wanted). Not only did he keep me grounded (and probably save me from what was sure to be a not-so-good, wild freshman year), but he also made me realize there were things I wanted that I didn't even know about.

Josh came from a family almost just like mine. It was understood that Sunday mornings were spent at church and Sunday evenings were spent at his grandma's house for dinner (just like my family spends Sunday lunch at my Mema's). He brought me into his life in Temperance Hall with his huge family that I absolutely adore, and who accepted me with open arms (granted, my mother is most of them's pharmacist, so they kinda already knew me) and Josh appreciated our small-town life just like I do.

the Edmondson/Worsley side of the fam 

While we were dating we suffered through many losses, we both lost a grandparents and great-uncles that we were very close to and we held onto each other and helped keep our focus on all the good things in our life, not the bad. I can honestly say that I don't know where I would be without him.

So on Sunday I was happy to celebrate an amazing husband, father and person - my wonderful husband, Joshua.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

husband turns the big 2-8.

This guy turned 28 on Sunday. 

So to celebrate, we had a few friends over Saturday night for a cookout. Thankfully the rain stopped just before the party started and the guys were able to hang outside in the man cave while the girls sat inside (in the air condition).

Sawyer had a great time destroying the playroom 
our friends' Dana & Bradley's son, Colton (and his tragic NCSU outfit) had a great time with the soccer ball  
...meanwhile my son decided he should help deliver some beverages to the boys...
who MUCH appreciated it.
so they could play flip-cup
The Ladies: LP (and Miss Grace, due in three weeks!), Me, Hope (and Miss Ella due July 7), Dana, Laura & Colton

Such a great night to celebrate Josh!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Retirement Banquet 2013

One of my favorite parts of my job is planning, coordinating and decorating for district events, such as our up-coming annual retirement banquet. 

Since I am working with a budget of less than $300 for decoations for these banquets, I always buy things that I know I can re-use such as white candles, silk flowers  hurricane glasses good cardstock and etc. In the past, I have done cutesy things centered around education and kids and such...

2011 Banquet
2012 Banquet

But this year I am going for a more elegant, classic style with blacks, whites & golds.
(the keys in the top left corner are part of our logo)

Here are some of my main ideas for decorating (thanks to good ole Pinterest):
Add caption

(only mine will be black & white candles with gold sparkles)

love the grouping of mason jars with ribbon

I have SO much to do between now and the banquet, not to mention I am planning a baby shower or two also. But I am so excited to craft, plan and execute this event.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

that child.

my child is always that child in public. not the one screaming and kicking or being mean, but the loud one saying inappropriate things.
yes, this sweet little face can be bad.
For example, at the Artsplosion event that our district hosts, I needed to grab pictures during the band performance. Sadly, Josh had a meeting so I took Sawyer along with me, thinking he'd be quiet and watch the music. I was very wrong.

Not only did he keep talking throughout the performance, he did so during the pledge of allegiance, the presentation of the colors, the introduction of the guest director and so on and so on.

He finally quieted down when I gave him a pencil and paper to color with when all of a sudden he handed me his pencil and screamed said, "I not want to color anymore, mommy." So I whispered, "That's fine Sawyer, what do you want to do instead?" To which my child replied, very loudly in the moment the band quit playing to switch to another song, "MOMMY, I WANT TO POKE YOUR BOOBIES!"

I liked to died.

I was wearing a v-neck dress that I had complained about my boobs trying to poke out of, and apparently Sawyer heard me and somehow misconstrued.

I decided I had enough pictures, picked him up, and practically ran out the door of the auditorium with him screaming, "WHY ARE WE LEAVING? WHERE ARE GOING?" the whole way.

He is definitely his father's child.