Thursday, May 2, 2013

big booty rockin everywhere

I am linking up with Helene and Venus for the Google Search Words link-up!

Venus Trapped in Mars

I was all excited when I saw this because I had honestly never really looked that much at my traffic sources/keyword seaches... but I was very disappointed because nothing cool leads to me I guess... except "big booty rockin everywhere".

Here are my most common search terms:

When I first started this blog I named it this.... not sure why. Now I am stuck with it until I want to actually get a domain.

big booty rockin everywhere
hahaha, the lyrics to "I Found You, Miss New Booty" how wonderful and appropriate.  This is because I quoted this song in this post about how I loved Dove's new ad campaign and Nike's old campaign talking about "real" women & body parts. And this ad in particular:

how to make a pocket Tee/DIY Pocket Tee/Chevron Pocket Tee
well, glad to know someone appreciates my DIY skills, this is also one of my most viewed posts with 4,356 views. Not sure what is happening with my face in this picture though...
also, nobody ever let me cut my hair like that again please.
recipe for Cheesecake factory's orange chicken
yum. this post (and this meal) is my fav recipe.
the rest are all "lauren harrell edmondson blog" or "lauren edmondson on a lighter note" and such...BORING.

So, how did you get here?


  1. my mouth is watering. i love the big booty rockin everywhere prettttty hilarious!!!

  2. Haha! The most common search term for my blog is "pee stories" and it always cracks me up/disturbs me to see that. I mean...what in the WORLD?!? Just this week, people have searched for "pee stories," "girl pees pants stories," and "little girl pees stories".....CREEPYVILLE! In other news, I can't remember how we found each other's blogs. I feel like you found me and commented and then I found you, but I really have no idea!

  3. I don't remember how I got here the first time. But I am glad I did years ago