Monday, May 13, 2013

weekend update

it seriously can't be Monday, can it? Our weekend was a  whirlwind of activity between a wedding, baseball game, birthday party and Mother's Day, and it flew by way too quickly.

Saturday my beautiful cousin Samantha got married in Snow Hill (where my Mema's family lives - and where Mema grew up), so Josh and his daddy took Sawyer to a Mudcats baseball game while I went to the wedding with my mom & Deanna.

I of course cried like a baby during the ceremony, my Mema's brother Ronald died a few years ago and watching my Aunt Nancy walk down the aisle without him just about broke my heart because he was such a huge part of our family.
Aunt Nancy and the bride (her granddaughter)
Not only did that trigger the tears, but so did the beautiful music. Samantha had two young people singing three songs, "The Prayer", "Come What May" and "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" and they were absolutely amazing.

she had a beautiful, delicious cake
isn't she gorgeous?!
Dee & Me (Lilly love runs in the family) also, I NEED A TAN.

my Aunt Pam, cousin Carla (who is expecting a baby due on my birthday!) and Me
 I also got to see my cousin Ali (the only other redhead in the family)! Ali was in Wilmington while I was at UNC-Wilmington, I rode out two hurricanes in her townhouse. (excuse the terrible BlackBerry photo, my other phone had died by this point)
me & Ali
Mama, Me, Mema & Deanna
Then Sunday we went to church and celebrated Mother's Day at my parents before heading to Josh's grandparents to celebrate there too (and also attend his cousin Braxton's first birthday party).

Sawyer hanging out with Mema Dean
and attempting to hit everyone with a fly-swatter
Mama and her girls
me & Sawbug (who managed to slam his head into his bed that morning, hence the goose-egg)
then on the way home from Josh's grandparents, I realized I had forgotten my hair tie but needed to ride back in his jeep... with the top off.... and the doors. Here is what that looked like:

How was your weekend?


  1. Aww that picture of you and Sawyer is great!!! :)

  2. what a fun weekend! hope you had a very, very special mother's day with your little one! :)

  3. Looks so fun. I spent mine recovering from Relay for Life.