Monday, December 6, 2010

the crib bedding saga

So, I think I am finally ready to actually tell you about my recent falling-out with most baby bedding companies over this beautiful Pirate's Cove crib bedding set by Cotton Tale Designs:

When I found this bedding, Josh and I knew it had to be the bedding for our little boy. It had everything we wanted, bold colors instead of girly-ish pastels, colors that would match a neutral wall well, and PIRATES.

So, in like September I decided to check on prices, thinking I had enough time between then and Feb. 26th when baby is supposed to arrive.

I was very wrong.

The bedding is backordered EVERYWHERE. First I was told by companies that it would ship in late November. I thought, hmm that isn't too bad, but everywhere I tried to order the bedding from said there was a waiting list so even with the November ship date from the company, I wouldn't receive the bedding until late January.

Angry, I finally found a place without a waiting list that assured me I would be receiving the bedding in early December. So on Nov. 10th I ordered the bedding and received a confirmation on Nov. 11th that I would be getting it in 2 to 3 weeks. They lied.

The designer sent out an email saying the bedding wouldn't even be shipped to the bedding companies until early December and would therefore only be sent to buyers around early January. THEN they sent another message saying buyers shouldn't expect to receive the merchandise until EARLY MARCH.  Ummm, Hi I guess that means my sweet little boy is expected to sleep on a bare mattress until then since I've already shelled out $171 to the company I ordered from on Nov. 10th?!?!

So now, we are down $171, have all the accessories we could want to match said bedding so we can't change our minds and a crib without sheets, comforter, dust ruffle or bumper.

Our plan, right now, is to just buy a cheaper neutral bedding set for baby to use until the real set comes in.

I am not happy about this, but I truly have no idea what to do. It's not on Overstock, it's not on Ebay and it isn't in any stores (online or in the actual store).

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  1. Booooo!! VERY LAME. But yeah, I'd just order a plain-ish set of sheets and call it a day.