Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Almost}Wordless Wednesday: We fibbed

Josh and I fibbed just a little about our 4-D Ultrasound that we had Dec. 8....
We told just about everyone that it didn't work out because baby wouldn't cooperate and that we only got a few really bad shots. Actually, this wasn't a total fib because baby must have a lot of Harrell in him and was stubborn as all get out, burying his face in his hands or turning into my side and laying on his belly, but towards the end we got some great shots.
We told people that it didn't work out because we really wanted to surprise our family with great framed pictures of their future grandson/great-grandson and we didn't think it would be as special if they'd already seen them.
So here are a few of the best pictures, enjoy!

Why yes, my 28-29 week old baby does have a 2.5 inch foot.

...and long fingers, which he used to hide his face constantly

his long legs and hands
sweet little smile and definitely my nose

and a head measuring at 31 weeks when I was only 28 weeks and some days (lots to look forward to)


  1. so cute! I am sure everyone enjoyed the gift. worth the fib