Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Proud to be a Ginger

Ever since South Park's episode about "Gingeritis", being red-headed has earned a negative connotation. Well I am happy to say that I am proud to be a "Ginger".
I usually give my red a little boost, but lately I've just let it assume its more natural auburn color. But no matter what, I am still happy to have unique-colored hair even if the world is enjoying things like "Kick a Ginger Day". Not only am I proud to be a Ginger, but I would be MORE than happy for our child to be born with red hair - which there is a good chance of since Josh's beard and sideburns are red too.

Famous Redheads 
Debra Messing
Alyson Hannigan with her precious little ginger girl :)

Christina Hendricks - she gets bonus points because she is also a curvy woman
Old school ginger, Rita Hayworth - actress from the 40s

The ridiculously hilarious Emma Stone

The original hilarious redhead - Lucille Ball

Isla Fisher

Maureen O'Hara

Amy Adams

Bree Van de Camp oops, I mean Marcia Cross
Rachel McAdams
One of my favorite gingers, Ariel
The Weasleys!

Kari Byron from Mythbusters
80s ginger - Molly Ringwald
Danneel Harris - from One Tree Hill & Harold & Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay
Kate Walsh
And of course, Miss Julia Roberts

You may have noticed that I left off Lindsay Lohan... she has lost her privileges to be called a Ginger.


  1. I lol'd (literally) about the lindsay lohan part. ha I think red hair is gorgeous and have actually debated dying my plain brown hair an auburn shade! :)

  2. My brother is the 5th straight generation of red heads in my mother's family. I have to admit I am happy he got the red curly hair and not me, mainly because curly hair comes with it and I don't want that. Redheads are great people.

  3. I have red hair but it never shows up in pictures, only in person. But I love it!

  4. Redheads are my favourite - but I hate to break it to you, Christina Hendricks is not a real redhead. She's naturally blonde.