Thursday, December 23, 2010

random things that bother me.

with my heightened hormone induced mood swings, several things bother me worse than usual lately, but here are the top 5...

1) Driving.
Yes driving in general. I already struggled from severe road rage pre-pregnancy but it's gotten so, so much worse. Do NOT tailgate me when I am already going over the speed limit (which is most of the time). For example, this morning I was going about 65 62 mph. in a 55 zone on the way to work.

When I look up and see this in my review mirror:

I mean really. PASS ME! If you are in that much of a rush that you tailgate someone who is already speeding, then you obviously don't care about your safety that much so go ahead and pass me in a no-passing zone in a curve on a hill. Grrrrr.
Tailgating is just one thing on the list of many that make me angry while driving, others include leaving your signal on after you've already turned, not going the speed limit, puling out in front of me only to go slow or turn off right afterwards and going the wrong way down a one-way aisle in the parking lot.
I really shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel of any vehicle.

2)  People that complain about not having any money or being able to afford things they need like medicine or gas when they have their nails done, wear extremely nice clothes and smoke. The average pack of cigarettes costs $4.50 to $5, if you smoke a pack a day that's $35 a week and $1,825 a year. And getting your nails done is a luxury, not a requirement. Seriously folks. I don't want to hear it.

3) Trying to put my purse over my lumpy jacket-ed shoulder.
I love my mocha and peach-colored Herve Chapelier bag but... the handles do NOT want to stay on my shoulder when I am wearing my big winter pea-coat. Not only that, but my hair gets caught between the handles and my shoulder then when I pull my hair out it is all static-y and my bag keeps slipping down my shoulder, usually taking my coat or the clothes under my coat with it.
So lately I have taken to just sticking the essentials in the pocket of my coat when I go in a store then carrying my little silver clutch thing I use as a wallet.

4) Rude service workers
This is something that bothers me all the time, but as of late I have wanted to literally jump through my car window and strangle a few people in the drive thru window at local fast-food restaurants.
I don't care if you hate your job - do not take it out on me.
When I ask you for grape jelly because I look in the bag and realize you forgot to put it in there even though I asked for it at the little talk-y box thing, do not roll your eyes and shove the jelly in my direction. Instead, smile and say "sure" then hand it to me and say "have a nice day".
If I ordered a plain biscuit and you hand me a steak biscuit and I inform you of your mistake do not get mad and say "You said steak biscuit."... I assure you I didn't. I order a plain biscuit with grape jelly and a cinnamon twist like twice a week from your establishment and trust me, I wouldn't eat your "steak" if you paid me. Your rudeness will result in me writing down your name and calling your corporate office. Don't be going all Bon Qui Qui on me. I will cut you. (if you don't get this reference or have never seen the woman pictured below you HAVE to visit this link and watch the video)

5) People that don't control their offspring.
There is no need for you to let your kids run amuck in stores. Come on people, if your child is ramming into the back of a person's legs with the shopping cart, TAKE IT FROM THEM. Do not just smile and apologize and continue to let them do so! If they're jumping out of clothing racks, scaring customers SPANK THEM! Better yet, just leave the child at home - if you don't have that option please just control them don't let them become a nuisance to all around them.


  1. haha I agree with all of these! am a brand new follower, come visit my blog too!

  2. I totally agree. Especially people who let their kids run wild. I would never have gotten away with that and I am glad my friends don't let their kids.