Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sookie and the neighbor

Our neighbor, Mr. Earl, who is an old, retired gentleman that took care of my Mammy's yard and did little things for her as she got too old to do them anymore, has crossed a line.

When Josh and I first started re-doing Mammy's house, Mr. Earl continued to cut the grass, rake the yard and such just like Mammy was still there. When we moved in, and Josh started doing our yard work, he stopped. Of course, he still continues to blow leaves off the street and keep our road-side looking nice (usually at un-godly hours in the morning).

Well.... Josh was outside raking up pine-straw inside the fence the other Saturday and Mr. Earl walks up. Sookie starts barking at him and he says, "i don't know why she's barking, I usually give her a little something to eat every day. In fact, yesterday she helped me finish a sausage biscuit and ate an entire honey bun."

Josh, shocked and unable to think of a nice way to say "don't feed our dog" just smiled and nodded.

So, I was already angry about this but was just going to let it go since Sookie hadn't been acting like she felt badly or her stomach was messed up.

But, Friday I came home from work to discover half a bagel in my yard that had obviously been licked clean of whatever topping it had. And Sookie was laying down like she didn't feel good.

Sookie, uncharacteristically docile while she slept off her tummy pain with her Daddy.

So, what do you say to a neighbor that feeds your animal? And what in the world makes him think it's okay to do so when the yard is fenced in, the dog doesn't belong to him and she isn't a human?

Any suggestions on how to handle the situation?


  1. Awkward turtle. I hate that your doggie wasn't feeling well, but it's kind of good that you have a really good reason to talk to the neighbor for feeding her. I would just let him know (the next time you see him....or when you ring his doorbell if you have that kind of relationship) that you're sure he didn't mean any harm, but that you guys don't feed her "people food" and that you'd appreciate it if he wouldn't either when he's visiting. Let him know about the bagel incident, too, of course so he knows why you're bringing this up.

  2. Oh, and I guess I wouldn't blame the bagel incident on him since you don't know for sure that he was the giver of the bagel (haha) but just say "I'm not sure how it got there, but she ate the topping off of a bagel.....and Josh said that you sometimes give her treats....It's really sweet of you to try to give her special treats, but we'd appreciate it if you didn't....etc etc"

  3. Oh my... in my opinion it doesn't even matter that Sookie is a dog and not a human. I don't want people feeding my kids (or my dogs, for that matter) junk without asking first.

    I have a family member that brings old food to my dogs. Ummmm.... no thank you. If you won't eat it because it's too old and questionable, then I certainly don't want my dogs to eat it.

    I would explain to Mr. So-and-So that you really appreciate him being so kind/loving/giving/etc to your dog, but explain to him that the Vet has stated that certain foods make your dog sick and that you have been advised to stop giving your dog table food. Give him a list of things Sookie CAN eat such as "Milk Bone Biscuits (2 per day)" etc, if he is insistent on being able to give her a treat.

    Of course, this is just the way I would handle it and I'm certainly no expert. Merry Christmas and Good Luck! =)

  4. Thanks for the advice!

    I actually think I am going to GIVE the man a box of Milk Bones along with the cookies I plan on giving him for him and his wife for Christmas haha.