Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Dinner Part-AY

Tomorrow evening, my husband and I are hosting a Christmas dinner party with our friends Dana & Bradley and Hope & Eric. 
Now, we are not a fancy bunch and I am not preparing a Christmas feast or anything, but I do want the table to be pretty and the food to be delicious. 

Luckily, the menu has already been decided:

Josh and I have decided to go ahead and cut up the potatoes for roasting, cup the zucchini and squash and get the chicken thawed, wrapped in bacon and dredged in the brown sugar & chili powder tonight so that tomorrow when we get off work we can just get the potatoes seasoned and in the oven (they take FOREVER to roast) and be seasoning and cooking the zucchini and squash by the time we put the chicken and rolls in the oven. 
Dana is bringing tea and Hope is bringing dessert, so we are set there - it's just a matter of time management to make sure my house is cleaned, the Christmas china is spot-free and the food is cooked, but not cold by the time our guests arrive at 7 p.m.

Speaking of Christmas china....
I have Lenox's "Holiday Gatherings" china, which I like, but it kind of limits my centerpiece possibilities. 
Lenox "Holiday Gatherings"
Since the china is strictly green and red, any centerpiece with pinks, turquoises and the like are pretty much out of the question.

Currently my center piece looks like this:

Which is way too big to put in the middle of the table while 6 people are trying to eat. 

So I need a new arrangement, at minimal costs, that is small enough that I don't have to peer around it to talk to my friends across the table but big enough to be noticed. 

Here are some I really like that I think I could pull off without buying anything...

I could use silver candlesticks that I already have and use some of my bright green & red ornaments with a few lying beside the candlesticks on the table like the picture above.

Or I could find a cheaper version of something like this ornament tree and hang some of my favorite ornaments on them and place a mirrored plate underneath.

Or I could just use one of my crystal bowls and fill it with different ornaments and some clippings from our tree, kind of like this centerpiece above.

Pray that my feet stay a regular size and BP remains below 140/90 so that Joshua will actually let said party take place


  1. Sounds so fun! And can I just say how much I loooooove Sister's Shubert's?? People who have never had them are so deprived. Have you had them with honey butter? It's the only way to go. Oh and I love all of your centerpiece choices!