Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"fung shway"

My office was set up horribly when I first started working at the school system.
I faced directly into the hallway so EVERYONE felt like they needed to stop in and say hello, no matter how busy I was and I faced the network printer that is in my office so every person that came in to pick up something they printed would further interrupt my train of thought.
Not only was the way I was facing a problem, but the entire configuration of desks, hutches and file cabinets was crazy. In order to read the calendar or school directory I had to completely turn my chair around then turn BACK around to type/talk on the phone/answer someone's question. I also had a weird corner desk that my computer sat on, making sitting things beside the computer while I typed or had to refer to said thing impossible.
But, since the desks are the kind that all hook to one another differently and have hutches, connected file cabinets and what not I had to wait until the maintenance men could come help me re-arrange.

Old Office:

Finally, it is done!
My new office is set up like this:

And looks like this

Closeup of the picture collages on the wall

And of course I had to have some kind of pirate shrine (these are on the outer edge of the hutch, angled toward the hallway for everyone to see)

the "binder" desk/arts & crafts hutch

and finally a desk where I can sit things beside my computer and not be distracted by the goings-on in the hall

The little pieces of paper on the hutches are favorite quotes, sayings or bible verses of mine to keep me motivated on those days when I want to hide under my desk.
So glad to finally have my office how I like it, now it really feels like my own.

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