Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dark den to lively living room

Mammy and Papa Thad's den underwent the biggest transformation.
Papa burned his wood fireplace just about year-round. He had actually drawn the sap out of the wood paneling he'd burned the logs so hot.
Our painter took care of the walls for us, white-washing the dark paneling and also painting the ceiling white (it had yellowed over the years).

We then got to work on the fireplace.
Apparently, pretend-stone fireplaces were real cool in the 60s. Our hearth was an array of dark brown, pale yellow and weird gray tones, painted to look like aged stone. We knew immediately it needed to change.
We had the paint crew paint the bricks the same gray as our new counter-tops and we bought a white shelf to use as a mantle, which we had painted white.
Once again, we were lucky that my parents' new house had a fireplace that didn't need a tri-fold gate, so we got their old one to put in front of the ancient, non-working gas logs in our fireplace.

Yes that is my mother in a fabulous early 90s sweater with me in her lap :)

Chris and Josh put the same hard-wood laminate in the living room.
The living room is the ONLY room we really had to buy any furniture for.
We found a blue couch with yellow piping that fit perfectly and a white "Storytime" chair by Best Chairs that has a blue damask design. The chair is my favorite purchase. It was expensive, but oh so comfortable. We also bought a dark wood wicker chair from Pier 1 that I put a different color blue cushion in.
During an after-Christmas sale, Josh and I found a great Vizio flat screen that we thought we'd hang over the fireplace. We were disappointed when we discovered that the fireplace was too old and the chimney had lots of insulation inside to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Luckily, the TV came with a stand so we found a black TV table to put it on.
For end tables, I used old tables of Mammy's, painting them back to match the TV table.
I also raided Papa's attic again and found a great side-table to put between the two doorways to the dining room that I put wedding pictures and such on underneath the wedding picture wall. I used the Rustoleum spray paint again to chance the table adornments from gold to silver.

Ross provided me with two blue frames and one yellow frame for our mantle and a giant picture with all the room colors. I put two of the colorful Pier1 rugs like we have in the kitchen in the room then finished it off with a wall of square mirrors and two sconces.
The room was completed with little odds and ends that belonged to Mammy. I sprayed her floor lamp silver and topped it with a white shade to put by the comfy chair, put her little ducks statue on the side table and stacked a few of her old books and one of her blue porcelain bowls in the TV table nook.

Since all of my budget for the living room was spent on furniture and the TV there was nothing left to replace the aged brown and gold ceiling fan. Luckily, it was a great Hunter fan so I just took it apart, painted the blades black to match the end tables and spray painted the base and fixtures with the Rustoleum paint. I added new globes for the lights and it looked as good as new.

I seriously don't know what I would have done with black paint, Rustoleum spray paint and good ole' fashioned elbow grease.

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