Thursday, August 19, 2010

formal parlor to dining room

When Mammy lived in our house in her younger days, she was forever having people over to dinner and ALWAYS hosted what we called a "Nog Party" at Christmas, complete with adult eggnog and kid eggnog.
I have no idea where all of these people sat, because Mammy did not have a dining room. (note yesterday's "Before" picture of the dark living room crowded with people)
We decided to turn the front living room into a dining room.
I wish I had a "before" picture of this room. It was SO dark even with the big giant double window. The hideous carpet covered the floor and the walls were a creamy white. The furniture was various shades of puke-green and there was a weird smell.
We knew the first thing that needed to be done was adding another doorway closer to the kitchen since I'd be taking food in and out of it.
One of Josh's church members, Mr. DJ, is a handy man and good at construction so we asked him to come help us with that project along with a few others.
Mr. DJ knocked a giant hole through the wall in the kitchen and made a new doorway for us, complete with nice molding and a new electrical outlet, closer to the middle of the room.

the wall in the 80s, we put the new entrance right where the three pictures are in this picture (between the sconces), that is my great-granddaddy Thad & great-aunt somebody

the two entrances to the new dining room

We had the room painted "Faded Denim" (a pale blue) and put down snap-in-place laminate floors that look like hardwood (which Josh and our friend ChrisMitchell put down all by themselves).
Then came time to furnish said room.
We were blessed that Josh's parents had just bought a new dining room set for their house, so we got their old one, which I painted white.

Then I got an old desk from Papa's house and made it into a kind of buffet-like piece. I also got an old green pie-safe from Papa's that had glass front doors. So I decided to paint it white too and use it as a china cabinet.

All I needed was ONE more piece of furniture. Mammy had an old book shelf in her bedroom that was full of little odds and ends and it was a beautiful piece. It was built in the late 1800s by my great-great-granddaddy and was made out of solid oak.
My dad and papa jumped all over me for wanting to paint it, but I knew that the wood wouldn't match the room. I spray painted it a pale lime green to match the table runner I bought and added pink & white baskets to hold little odds and ends. I know books don't really "belong" in the dining room, but I have a BILLION and have nowhere else to put them right now.

We also replaced the chandelier, added a silver curtain rod and put up white sheer panels that I added a pale green swag to.
With a pink, blue & green color scheme, it is VERY "Lauren" and is such a bright room.

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  1. Great job making the house so cheery. And so sweet you were able to by your great grandmother's house.

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