Thursday, August 12, 2010

disastrous dreams (long post)

I have always had crazy, crazy dreams. But lately they have been over-the-top.
The weirdest of the two were:

1) Dating Rob Dyrdek

Now, I love Rob Dyrdek & his whole crew on The Fantasy Factory, but he is the complete opposite of my "type". I dreamed we were dating and were together at some sort of X Games-like event. Rob & I were staying in this weird hotel with the rest of the skateboarders and their girlfriends/groupies. The hotel was one giant room with lots of beds separated with these little walls that just cleared the beds and the showers were all in one cluster with see-through walls that only covered three sides of the shower.
Even though I didn't want to, I HAD to take a shower in order for us to go to some movie event or something, so I braved it and kept trying to find ways to cover myself up while I bathed. My legs were incredibly hairy and I didn't have a razor so I leaned around one of the walls and asked Rachel from Big Brother (who was there dating some other skater) if I could borrow hers. She was the only girl who was nice to me, the rest of the groupies were jealous that Rob didn't sleep with anyone but me and didn't buy them stuff like the other guys. In fact, one little blonde skanky girl tried to fight me but I just grabbed her fist and twisted it behind her back while the skateboarders/BMX-ers cheered.
So Rob and I went to sleep and the next morning he was gone. Then my family showed up to our hotel. The hotel was filthy and had bottles, red cups, condoms, food and drugs EVERYWHERE. They wanted to stay there too, yet I had no idea how to hide all the crazy stuff or how they would sleep or get along with all the crazy people that were staying with us.
Then I woke up. It was crazy.
So I went to DreamMoods and searched "hotels" here is what it said:
"To see a hotel in your dream, signifies a new state of mind or a shift in personal identity. You are undergoing some sort of transition and need to move away from your old habits and old way of thinking. You need to temporarily escape from your daily life." Weird huh?

2)Being tortured in a Saw-like game
Not all of my crazy dreams have been fun or just weird, some have been incredibly scary.

Monday night (after going to bed on a full stomach from eating a giant salad at 8:30pm) I dreamed I was a player in one of the Jigsaw games off of the movie "Saw". I have only seen ONE of the "Saw" movies that I was dragged to by a group of people.
In the dream, my family and I were all at my house eating dinner when my great-granddaddy Thad (who died when I was 5) comes in with this weird-o looking young guy. My family acts like nothing is weird and they sit down. I somehow figure out that Papa Thad and this guy have been torturing people in our neighborhood. So I try to tell my parents but they don't believe me and won't listen.
Finally I say "i swear on my unborn child that they are hurting people" so my dad goes "well tell us what you think is going on" but before I can explain my accusations, my parents and grandparents all fall forward onto the table and I realize Papa Thad has drugged their drinks and food.
So Deanna and I, and some pregnant girl who looks like Phoebe on "Charmed" go running out the door where we find my neighbor Mr. Earl.
While Dee & Phoebe-girl keep running down the street, I stop and tell Mr. Earl what I think, he agrees and pulls out his cell phone to call the police but Papa Thad (who is much more spry than I remember) punches him in the head, knocking him out.
Papa Thad grabs me and throws me in his van where I see my little sister all sliced up and dead and the pregnant Phoebe-girl also dead with his insides all in the wrong place and her dead little fetus on the floor (gruesome I know).
Papa and the weird guy take me to some field where they make me fight with other
"contestants" in this Saw-like game. I stab all these people in the thigh in their femoral artery (which I know I dreamed about since Shark Week kept talking about sharks biting through it) and kill them. Then somebody stabs my leg so I pretend to die so I can escape further torture. Well Papa and weird guy bend really close to me and can see that my heart is still beating so they take me back to the van and start sticking me with needles and other yucky stuff.
FINALLY, some police man finds me in the van and takes me home where my parents & grandparents are (they're fine, apparently the poison was just to knock them out). BUT, I have been sent back in time. I am still my age, but I am not pregnant, married, nor am I even dating Josh. We don't have Sookie, never had Mac Daddy and the house isn't mine, but belongs to my parents.
I go and visit Mr. Earl who is now brain-damaged from the punch Papa Thad gave him and he KNOWS something is up. He blurts out things like "Sookie ate the safety pins" or "Poor Mac Daddy" and asks me about Josh, but since he is so crazy nobody believes him.
Then I realize that the cop "rescuing me" was fake and that he is in on the game and this whole thing where nobody remembers the past few years is just another way for papa Thad to further torture me.
Then I wake up.

Once again I visited the DreamMoods site. It said:
"To dream that you are being tortured, indicates that you are feeling victimized or helpless in some relationship or situation. You feel that you cannot do anything."

Weiiiiiird. I don't mind weird dreams like the Rob Dyrdek one, but I really hope the nightmares don't continue throughout this pregnancy. It took me forever to go back to sleep/stop sweating after the Saw dream.

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