Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Secret Shopping

Don't tell Joshua, but I MAY have purchased something during the Lilly Pulitzer sale... on his credit card.

But how could I say no to the Cormick Dress in "Multi Juicestand Patch"? Especially when it was $69 instead of its usual $248.

I love this dress because it is flowy, comfortable and loose in the hips (a rare thing in the Lilly world).

I really, really wanted the Murfee scarf in Bright Navy Checking In. Not only because it was such a great deal at $49, but because I could wear it in both fall and the spring/summer months, whereas the other patterns are a little too spring-y for after labor day. But of course, they were already sold out.

I also put a bug in my mother's ear that RueLala was featuring Herve Chapelier last week and since Sookie managed to eat the corner of my favorite Herve bag, I have requested another for my birthday (which is exactly a month from today).

And while I was on RueLaLa yesterday during its "Afternoon Fix" sale, they put some of the Lilly Pulitzer items back up! THIS time I snagged the "Dayle" silk top in "True Navy". AND because my lovely mama purchased the Herve bag, I had a $10 credit for referring her :) So I got the top for $39 instead of its usual price of $168!

Now to find somewhere to hide the purchases...

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  1. To funny! My mother still hides purchases from my father even going to the extreme of ordering something and having it delivered to my grandmother's.