Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday 'Fessions! (a double post today, aren't you lucky?)

Going to join Miss Pink Lou Lou in her college confessions today. If you are a church family member, my little sister or an adult that respects me, I apologize in advance. They were wild times and a LOT has changed since then...

1. I went to maybe two classes a week my first semester, freshman year at UNC-W. I mainly slept, went shopping or laid on the beach. This is probably why I had a 1.56 GPA that year...oops.

2. Also in Wilmington, my group of friends, that we called "Troop 69" (we even had a fbook group), went to the beach for a camp-out with a bunch of other people and THOUGHT my Rodeo was 4WD and could therefore take us out on the beach and we could sleep in it. We were SO wrong. It took four strangers to get it un-stuck. We also discovered the joys of sand-fleas and that the beach is VERY cold at night in late September on that night.

"Troop 69"

3. My junior year at ECU, I got over $200 in parking tickets at the meters because I was WAY too lazy to walk from my apartment (which was only 3 blocks away) and too impatient to wait for the bus. Luckily, my daddy gave me his employee parking pass (since MedDirect is owned by ECU) and I got to park in the "B" lot, aka. the Flood lot my senior semester.

4. My first Halloween in Greenville was ALSO my freshman year at UNC-W. I left Wilmington late Sunday evening since Halloween was Monday. Well... we never even made it downtown because my wonderful husband (boyfriend at the time) got VERY VERY "sick" and puked EVERYWHERE in his shower (where I pushed him so he wouldn't get any on me). I spent the evening in my precious Strawberry Shortcake outfit cleaning up his bathroom and him. In fact, I had planned on going back to Wilmington Tuesday but ended up staying until Thursday (remember what I said about the whole going to class thing?).

5. Once, at Cabanas in Greenville, I punched a girl in the boob for stepping on my foot then ran. Yes, seriously.

6. I recycled several Basic Reporting papers for my Investigative Reporting class. A lot of the time I just re-used a topic, but re-worked the paper. One of those papers got me a giant "A" in that class.

7. If the "Hot" light was on at Krispy Kreme I would whip the Rodeo in there and get the "Pirate Pack" which was three doughnuts of your choice and a drink for $3.

8. Freshman year, we made up a drinking game to Grey's Anatomy. Every time someone said "Seriously", put a "Mc" in front of anything, Meredith got angry, Alex said something mean or Izzy put her hair up in a pony tail we drank. It was bad.

9. The people at Hibachi Express on Stantonsburg Rd. knew my name and order whenever I called in. As soon as I started with "I'd like a Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp with zucchini but NO onions..." they said "Okay, lauren we have ready for you in 10 minute". Gotta love it.

10. I wore my favorite blue Lacoste polo and my 7FAM jeans with the orange, blue & white A pockets EVERY first day of fall semester at ECU. It was my favorite outfit.


  1. PinkLouLou said...
    Oh my gosh, we would have so been friends. I am laughing out loud at the boob punching incident. That is hysterical. And what a cute strawberry shortcake you make. Great confessions, you definitely understood the assignment!

  2. I say the SAME thing every time I read your blog! Yes, the boob-punching was definitely not one of my finer moments.