Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: House Edition

Luckily, a few places didn't need too many changes:

Bathroom: new curtain rod with my college shower curtain (made from Waverly fabric by Mema Dean), rugs and an over-the-toilet medicine cabinet and some fresh paint on the walls and cabinets. Not to mention lots of cleaning and some more Rustoleum (my weapon of choice) on the existing hinges & knobs. Oh, and a new toilet.

Spare Bedroom & 1/2 Bath: Fresh paint, furniture from my college apartment, Lilly Pulitzer comforter and new carpet. The half bath in this room only needed a new toilet, paint, a new floor (the peel & stick tile again), an over-the-toilet cabinet and a little flair to the pedestal sink, which I made with fabric, ribbon and hot glue!

Man Cave: Josh's "man cave" (soon to be nursery) is full of his stuff (aka junk), an old recliner, his bar from his college apartment and a futon that we recovered from my parents' old house. His walls are decorated with sports, 3 Stooges and John Wayne memorabilia.

Outside: We just added new vinyl shutters and a fresh coat of paint on the doors & window trim in the front. In the back, we fenced in the big yard with a black chain-link fence, which I highly recommend. It doesn't stand out so much like the plain silver kind and SO much cheaper than wood or vinyl picket fences.

Sookie is such a ham, she couldn't stand for a pic to be taken without her in it

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