Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Worldess Wednesday: The Road Not Taken

"With all the wrong turns that I've made, I'm right where I should be"
~ Lee Ann Womack

Reading Kristen at All My Twenties post about trying to make a big decision about moving and her career made me think about the road I didn't take that I always thought I would.
Looking back, I'm glad I live in Edgecombe County where I can raise my children around my family and in a good, close-knit southern town. Not that I don't still dream of writing for Southern Living, but now I would rather do so via satellite, not by moving to their main office in Birmingham.
However, I firmly suggest taking advantage of ANY opportunity to travel and expose yourself to new cultures, great possibilities and adventure. I just know that coming home was the right decision for me.

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  1. I love Southern Living. One of my friends from college is a copy editor. I look every month to see her name and it makes me smile when I see it.