Friday, August 20, 2010

Fashionable Friday: the room that broke my knee

I should have actually titled this post "the room that drove me to do something stupid enough to break my knee", but I don't like to blame myself for things. And I think the fashionable outcome of the room was completely worth the knee pain.

Our master bedroom was Mammy's bedroom. Which she had kept the same way for all the years I can remember.

Between the day Mammy died and the day we closed on the house, we had taken all of her furniture that we wanted to my parents' attic until we could replace the carpet and get the walls painted.


Since we were using my cream-colored wrought iron bed from my parents' house, I decided that the giant dresser and mirror of and chest from Mammy's bedroom needed to be painted to match. Josh, daddy and all the other able-bodied men were working so I took it upon myself to move all the solid mahogany furniture from their attic, down the steps, down the garage steps, up into my car then out of my car at my house where I could paint them. I noticed how bad my knee hurt, but I was WAY too determined to get the pieces painted. 

The painting was a disaster. I had to sand the furniture until my fingers wanted to bleed AND bugs kept flying into the white paint making little tracks or getting stuck, making me repaint over again. 
But, I finally got them completed and moved (once again, by myself because I'm stubborn and impatient) into our bedroom. 

I found a silver lamp at TJ Maxx and added a white shade for the nightstand and spray painted my old hot pink lamps with a much softer pale yellow to match the duvet and a pink ribbon around the top of the old white lampshade to put on the chest with the TV.
Then I used my Mema Kay's old mirrored tray to put jewelry and an earring tree on to keep the top of the other dresser looking junky. 

With so much empty space on the walls, I wanted to find silver frames for pictures to put in a collage over the bed, but the ones I found were SO expensive. Instead, I bought un-finished wooden frames from Michaels and once again used the Rustoleum spray paint to make them the color I needed.

The room looked great. With our paisley Ralph Lauren duvet that coordinated with our blue walls, I was very pleased with the outcome. 

Ralph Lauren "Jamaica" Paisley

However, the next few days I noticed the knee pain even more. And it hurt. Bad.

Turns out, I put entirely too much stress on my knee moving all the dressers, heavy mirror and drawers all that way and I'd chipped a piece off my femur right where it met knee cap. Which then tore all the cartledge between my patella and femur. Hence the surgery last August.

comparing my post-surgery knee (left) to my "normal" knee (right)

So, that's how my great-grandma's house became my and Josh's house. It is still weird to think about owning a home that once belonged to the matriarch of the Harrell family, and I love that I was able to keep the house in the family while still making it feel like our home.

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