Friday, August 13, 2010

Cooking up love, the kitchen transformation

You know how you hear stories about people buying really old houses and finding all sorts of valuable antiques like door knobs worth $1 million?
This isn't one of those stories.
Mammy's house wasn't built in the early 1800s, it was built by my great uncle in the late 1950s (her old house, the Belmont house, now on NCWC's campus, WAS built in the mid 1900s though). So it was full of dated carpet, jars of pickles that had been pickling for about 20 years and other related items.

Josh and I started with the kitchen, where most of said yucky items were.
Mammy loved to cook, so her cabinets were coated with years of grease, smoke and other food-related things. We took one look at them and decided we'd need to hire a painter (to paint both the cabinets AND the disgusting fire place & wood paneling, which I'll discuss tomorrow).
WELL the painter took care of our the cabinets... but two days after he completed his painting, the cabinets started soaking up the paint. It was like they were eating it, or Mammy's spirit was protesting the new white color on her beloved brown cabinet doors. SO, I had to take each cabinet BACK OFF the wall and re-paint them myself.
Well, we couldn't put the old, terrible looking knobs & hinges back on our beautiful, newly painted cabinets. Here is the first hiccup we hit.
I didn't realize how crazy expensive knobs & hinges are, especially for 32 cabinets & drawers. So my friend Dana's husband suggested we just keep the old knobs and spray them with Rustoleum spray paint.

I did. And they looked great. Using the Nickel colored paint made the old knobs look antique-ish still but now they actually matched the rest of the house.
Second, we replaced the floors. Mammy had nasty carpet in her kitchen that was later replaced with cheap-o linoleum. So Josh and I ripped it up and replaced the floors ourselves with peel and stick tiles then put colorful Pier 1 rugs by the door and sink.
We also had to replace the disgusting yellow counter-tops. Did you know they don't even MAKE counter-tops that cup all the way up the walls anymore? Josh and I decided on a gray-ish colored Formica only to realize they would only come halfway up the walls under the cabinets leaving the old paneling exposed. So, once again I grabbed a paint brush and slapped some left-over blue paint from our other rooms on the existing paneling and TA-DA the kitchen is done.
We also replaced the appliances, left Mammy's old sink but put in a new faucet and recently added a kitchen island that used to be at my parents old house (I am going to paint the legs blue to match the walls under the cabinets soon).
Also in the kitchen, a new interior entrance to the existing laundry room. Instead of walking allll the way through the carport and around the corner with a heavy load of clothes, I can now just cut right through the kitchen. We had the old pantry knocked through and a platform with stairs going down into the laundry room installed. Then we just bought a white cabinet to put on the platform, since we lost a pantry in the process.


  1. wow!!! what an undertaking.. but what an awesome outcome! I'm a new follower and are looking forward to reading more of your posts!!


  2. Great! Thanks for following, and glad you enjoyed the post :)