Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've been feeling a little scrooge-y lately. Not that I haven't enjoyed crafting for Christmas and thinking of fun gifts to give my friends & family (and coming up with items I want to add to my list too), but I just haven't really been looking forward to actual Christmas.

Why, you ask?

Because we run around like crazy people on Christmas day.

We jump back and forth from family to family, fitting in breakfast at one set of parents' house, lunch with my Mema, dinner here, presents there... it is exhausting.

But then I remind myself... what an amazing "problem" to have.

We might have to pull our little man away from his fresh toys that he is so excited to open mere minutes after he has unwrapped them so we can hit the road to make sure we spend an equal amount with both sides of the family, leaving our house around 7am and getting home around 9pm. But at least we have family to visit.

We are surrounded by so much love and are so gracious to live within 20 minutes of our family.

We both have both of our parents.

We have grandparents, we might not have a full set between us, but we love the ones we have.

We have cousins, man do we have cousins.

I have no reason to be a scrooge, grinch, or cranky person.

What a blessing to have this "problem".

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